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Want to Engage Your People? Be a Community Organizer

Engage your people. It is critical in this day and age of high technology.

What started as a group of twenty people who I invited to my hotel room during a conference, has grown to 760+ members and active participants. They connect on our Facebook group, and at a boutique conference within our national conference. Two weeks ago we surveyed our group and found the ROI. WOW! 52% of participants stated that they stay with the organization because of the group, without the group they would have left.

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Military Millennials Train to be Great Leaders

Military Millennials Are Different

Military Millennials Are Different — Those who have signed up to serve our country now and in the coming future are Millennials. People lump all Millennials into one bucket and make assumptions of who they are. There is a subset of Millennials that you, as leaders, have to be aware of. After their military service, they will see to work for your companies, organizations, and associations.   Know who you are dealing with. The moment you see military service or prior service, shift your perspective.

Remember we are an all volunteer military.  To join the military you have to be between the ages of 17 to 34, depending on the branch. I call them #MilitaryMillenials

Here are 6 falsehoods about Millenials who join the military and are prior service (veterans).

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Leadership Values Define Great Leaders

Does your organization have a clear concept of leadership values? Can you leaders list, describe and define them on the spot? The US ARMY leadership values are trained, learned, posted and shared. Conduct, promotions, and evaluations are based on these core values. Making leaders great is our mission.  We have learned that leadership values define great leaders

Having had the privilege of working with corporate leaders, association leaders and leader from all branches of the military I have seen differences in how organizations approach leadership.  The military has a long history of educating and developing thousands of leaders over generations.

The first colony-wide militia was formed by Massachusetts in 1636 by merging small older local units, and several National Guard units can be traced back to this militia.  This is when organizational structure and leadership values began forming. They have developed a system that creates leaders, siphons out leaders and guides expectations.  Leaders who have fallen from grace, have faced the humiliation, dishonor, and shame, f not living up to these standards. The values become internal for each leader.

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Seesaw of Shame, Failure, Success at Professional Conferences

What will you think of me? That thought crosses the minds of thousands of leaders going to professional conferences.

The Seesaw of Shame, Failure, Success at Professional Conferences


Pegine Leadership Business Motivational Speaker 904.280.8806You are a few weeks out before your professional conference and I wanted to address an issue that I experience, have experienced and know others experience. The conflict within of shame, failure, and success. At your professional conference, the “How is everything?”Oh great… got this, got that, life is amazing‘ happens day in and day out.

Except in our head. The feelings of shame or failure can infect us. It is like a really huge magnifying glass focusing on what isn’t working, what hasn’t worked and the failings within.

If you go to professional conferences, no matter your leadership level, the see-saw is a natural occurrence. You see their outside presentation and compare what you see to your inside thoughts.

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Leaders Be Memorable It Is Possible


Be a memorable character.


Someone I recently met at a conference emailed me and shared “Wow, You are a memorable character!

I shared the comment on a Facebook group that gives Women’s Leadership Advice. I received responses from women saying “Go Girl” “You Rock” and so on. I also received a response saying

“That is rude, why would someone write that?” I realized that many lurkers probably thought the same thing, Which leads me to write this post, “Are You Memorable?” and more importantly “Are You a Memorable Character?” It’s not rude to be called a memorable character, it’s awesome and powerful!

Some of the best leadership advice I ever received was from one of my sponsors and a CSMO (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer) named Al Roth. He said, “People remember you, promote you, sponsor you, hire you, buy from you and refer you because they remember you are a positive character.

In researching this post concept I came across the concepts of how writers create memorable characters. Those beloved characters in books we reach, movies we watch and stories we heard. How do writers see memorable characters?

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Leadership Thoughts: I am ready, I am prepared

Pegine 904.280.8806 Leadership Motivational Speaker

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Leaders Take Charge of Tyrants, Teasers, and Turncoats

Leaders take charge to deal with the Tyrants, Teasers, and Turncoats. They are management at its worst.

Tyrants, Teasers, and Turncoats.

The last few days my office has received frustrated calls from senior management from three different organizations about difficult managers who are hurting productivity, employee engagement and causing EEO issues.

There is a difference between being a feisty, fearless, focused, fun leader and a tyrant, tease and turncoat.

In all cases, the leadership took action after people left, complained or when they were sued. When leaders take charge engagement increases, bad apples are removed and productivity increases because of a calm, stress-free, supportive environment immediately occurs.


Tyrants scream, abuse, ridicule others in public, intimidate and create a workplace environment of fear, frustration, and sabotage.  Not only do they intimidate their employees — they intimidate their leaders.  Tyrants may be experts in their fields, however, this is the perfect time to rein them in and give them a choice – change or leave.  Leaders fear them because they ‘might’ sue the company.  It’s funny how they don’t fear the employees of the tyrant.

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Leadership Tips from The Players Championship Chairman

Leadership tips learned as Chairman of the THE PLAYERS Championship – Michele McManamon Pegine 208-8806 Leadership Business Keynote Speaker

Michele McManamon​ shares four key lessons for leaders, how she used Jon Gordon​ and his book “The Energy Bus” to create a positive culture and inspire her team and her fascinating approach to leading men.  Effervescent, joyous and a true leader. Michele is inspiring. There have only been 3 women who had the role of chairman.  The last woman to hold the position was twenty years ago. A lot has changed since then and  Michele McManamon, who was is also co-owner and operator of Sandler Training in Jacksonville, Florida ​was going to be all in and make a difference.

She did. She and her team raised over 8.5 million dollars for charity.



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Fear Speaking to Diverse Stakeholders? or Do You Just Fear Speaking?

Leaders who are petrified to speak publicly lack the ability to influence,  impact or inspire others.

When leaders fear speaking in public  their ability to speak powerfully and influentially holds them back.  Sometimes they are fearful because they are speaking to  groups that they don’t know or connect with, yet to lead and inspire they must speak to diverse groups. The thoughts: “Am I relatable? Am I relevant? Why me, why now? ”

Hearing “let your voice be heard, ” won’t cut it. When you avoid speaking that advice will not help you reach your goals

Many of our clients have spoken to groups throughout their careers. They did well, however, what worked then may not work now. At this point in their career many are at a higher level and are speaking to a large assortment of groups. The expectations are to have greater impact, influence and inspire others to action.  This can trigger their fears.

Speak without fear Pegine Leadership Business Motivational Speaker 904.280.8806

When I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians who must have the ability to have impact, influence and be able to inspire others,  I find that these are some of the most common fears:

  • Speaking to diverse groups
  • Being able to influence audience members to take action
  • They won’t look confident, competent, charismatic and capable.

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Be A Great Boss

You do make a difference. Your decision to be a great boss and leader has significant ramifications.

According to the Gallup Survey on Employment engagement only 31.5% are engaged at work. Down by -0.7.  Their research showed that organizations with engaged employees were outperforming their peers.   More than one in three employees (35%) have changed jobs within the past three years, and 91% of employees left their company to do so, according to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report.

Gallup asked employees how important certain attributes are when they consider whether to take a job with a different organization. They found that employees place the greatest importance on a role and an organization that offers them:

  1. The ability to do what they do best

  2. Greater work-life balance and better personal well-being

  3. Greater stability and job security

  4. S significant increase in income

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