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Speak Powerfully to Impact, Influence and Inspire Others – Part 1

Knowing how to speak powerfully is an asset to you career as a leader.

Being prepared to speak powerfully is key.

Speak Powerfully

Leaders need to make an impact through their personality. They need to influence others and inspire people.  Speaking powerfully achieves that goal.

When coaching clients, we often see how leaders hold themselves back from their highest potential.

Learn how we prepare politicians, leaders, entrepreneurs and professional speakers to speak powerfully.

Speak powerfully so you have impact, influence and are able to inspire others

My company, Team Pegine, produces leadership experiences that push, prod and produce leaders who are impactful, influential and inspiring.  We use live scenarios with professional role players to create  situations leaders will confront. We guide them through exercises, with tools, strategies and practice preparing them for real world situations. We work with politicians, entrepreneurs, business leaders and professional speakers.

We teach core strategies.  Before we begin to address their speaking skills we  address common issues that sabotage their power. Here are three of those common issues:

Own Your Space

Too often people walk into the room where they are going to present, or hold a meeting and don’t take the time to visualize what they want to see, feel and achieve.  Before you speak,  you have to feel that you own the space. You  have to see that this is your room, this is your space and you are clear that this is where your magic will happen. Standing in the room, it is critical that you imagine the outcome, and the responses of people in the audience. You have to experience the results you want to have before it happens.

Take the time to really get your head into the game.  If you watch sports you can tell when someone is convinced that they have got this.  You have also seen when they don’t.  You are no different. To speak powerfully you must get your head in the game. You have to own the room and the space.

Do this by visiting the room before hand and walking through it alone so you can do your visualization.  While walking through the room see yourself being impactful, influential and inspiring. See yourself working the room like a conductor leading an orchestra. If you don’t have access to the room, then imagine the room in your mind. Take the time to really see, feel and know the room and the outcomes you want.

Taking the time to own the room is a powerful way to begin the process of speaking powerfully.

Dress in Your Best

Why is this so important?  Reflect back to moments when you wore an outfit that made you feel amazing.  Reflect back to moments when you were really uncomfortable with the clothes you were wearing.  Everyone has had both moments.  If you are going to speak powerfully you want clothes that make you feel powerful.

You should dress in such a way that makes you feel amazing. Go to a store like Nordstrom’s and ask for help from the personal shopper.  Try on different outfits. Hire a stylist to help you create a look that says “I’m smart, bold, brilliant and ready”  Sylvie Di Gusto is a people packager and executive image consultant, she shares lots of tips on her site to help you be  your best. Go through your closet and find the ‘AMAZING” clothing – get rid of the other clothing. Really why would you wear something that doesn’t make your feel amazing?

Standing before people and feeling amazing communicates a level of confidence before they even hear you speak. Feeling great because you know you look great makes a big difference in how you exude confidence.

Be Flexible and Think On Your Feet

One of the most challenging moments for many of our leaders is letting go of the prepared, poised and practiced speech.  Letting go of holding onto the podium. Letting go of the ‘known’.  The layers of ‘what if’s’  cloud their mind and stop them from being authentic, real and in the moment.

I  have a variety of  tactics and tools to help  break that fear.  Using lots of improvisational techniques, coaching and tough love I am able to release their fingers from the papers, the podium and their fears.  Many of my clients get plan angry and upset. That is normal, it is okay with me.  My job is to make them look and feel great so they can be impactful, influential and inspiring. To get there we have to go through challenges.

There are exercises you can practice on your own to get comfortable being uncomfortable, so you can speak on a variety of topics with confidence, clarity and poise.   You have to own your voice inflections, body language,  eye and facial expressions making sure that are in alignment and congruent with confidence and power. You should practice often so that you can speak on any topic and exude an air of confidence and conviction.

Play the game  “Be a Leader”

  1. Bring together a group of ambitious friends who also want to  be impactful, influential and inspiring. Tell them they are going to play a game and that everyone will play. The goal is to communicate with confidence and power.  Everyone will have a turn to listen and give feedback, and present so that they (and you) practice communicating with confidence and power.Write 10 random topics on a pieces of paper. 1) Yellow Ducks 2) Tractors 3) Parachuting 4) Hair Styles For Men with Long Hair 5) Kangaroos In New York etc… make them crazy
  2. Fold the papers and put them in a box
  3. Have a timer handy
  4. Have writing pads and pencil for each participant
  5. Each ‘leader” picks a topic when it is their turn. They have 30 seconds to think about it and 4 minutes to present.  [Set Timer]
  6. Each ‘listener’ must note on their paper.  The facial expression, hand movement, body stance, voice inflection that exuded confidence and power during the ‘leaders’ speech
  7. Everyone should have a least 3 turns to be a ‘leader’  Each turn the ‘leader’s” goal is to exude more confidence and power through their voice, eyes, body and face

The more you practice,  thinking on your feet and communicating through your body, vocal, and  facial expressions the more prepared you feel. The more you practice confidence and power techniques the more natural they will feel. The more powerfully prepared you are the more you will be able to speak powerfully.

About Pegine

Pegine is a keynote speaker, coach and author on leadership and business. She works with leaders so they have impact, influence and inspire others. Pegine goes by her first name, if it is good enough for Oprah, Shakira and Beyoncé it’s good enough for her.

She is quoted in Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times about leadership, business, women in leadership and women in business. Founder of the “Global Executive Women’s Leadership Experience” a leadership program with professional role players for women to learn how to have impact, influence and inspire others.

Her company Team Pegine was named the #3 of the 50 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company. Macy’s and Minority Business Enterprise Magazine named her one of 3 women who rock in business in the US.  She is the only Latina inducted in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and one of only 8 women. Her books include “Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt “and “Bragging Rights Transform Your Team in 21 Days.”


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