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Women With Kick Butt Leadership Skills Challenged Themselves

Women who move up rank have grown themselves, they built their mental toughness, own their purpose and determination.

Often women’s leadership development conferences share stories and give advice without practical practice application.  The inspirational female wants more, yearns for more. She wants to be prepared for the experiences she will encounter. She doesn’t want to blow it, this is her career.  She wants to get out of her own way and not sabotage what she worked so hard for attain. She knows  one mistake can blow an opportunity and she doesn’t want to blow it, now or ever.

Women of today want to practice, prepare and know how they can improve themselves through practice, through engagement, through risky experiences that make them face their own fears, their own constraints and push them higher – without damaging real opportunities and they want those experiences NOW!

Yet, Women with kick butt leadership skills challenged themselves by enrolling in real life exercises where they can experience challenges and  built confidence

In my research and work with female leaders. we have found that providing live scenarios where women can experience and practice the tools and techniques to promote themselves, own their power, ask for what they want and confront limiting beliefs is powerful, life changing, challenging and exhilarating.

Talking the talk is one thing, experiencing it is another. Women with kick butt leadership skills challenged themselves by enrolling in real life exercises where they can experience challenges and  built confidence

When women’s leadership development incorporate experiential learning with live scenarios and immediate feedback it gives women the much needed experience to be courageous. The experience gives them the confidence to say “I can”, the passion “I want to” and the experience to raise their hands and say “I will”

In live scenarios participants have the ability to work through their interactions and how to close deals, how to negotiation and how to communicate their value. The lesson I’ve learned through creating this scenarios lead to the creation of a keynote called “Communicate Your Value

My clients, the military and corporations, use role playing scenarios to train leaders. We use role playing to to be prepare leaders for cultural negotiations, leadership and sales success. In one contract we trained over 20,000 military officers from the US and Allies who have gone through our scenarios.

We use role playing scenarios for large scale events, retreats and in our coaching sessions. The women who went through the process gained valuable insights and an understanding of their ‘vibration’. That means what they were sending out may not be what they think recipients received. .They had to learn how to control their presence, posture, influence, confidence and courage.

.The opposite was true also.

Putting lessons learned into action is critical. The costs of doing it live for the first time and failing are extremely high.

Our large scale scenarios can have 2,000 people or more rotating through a 30 minute scenario with debriefs and a larger debrief together. POWERFUL!

The military has used situational training exercises (STX) for years to prepare soldiers and officers for real world experiences.

Men have used leadership simulation training exercises as part of their youth (playing Army and now using on line games) and in sports. They learn early on how to lead, command, argue, demand, strategize and speak up.

boy army

Most women have never experienced live simulation training exercises. Aside from our work, this is the first time women can practice leadership skills live. It why they call it the “Pegine Puke Experience”. Participants have puked as the faced their fears to become powerful, influential leaders.

Team Pegine creates events and strategic experiential learning solutions designed to build high engagement, high learning and memorable lessons that increase productivity, engagement and awareness. A simulation that uses real-world scenarios placing leaders in a context where they step out of their normal day-to-day roles and gain experience and confidence.


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Pegine is CEO of  Team Pegine, Inc.

Team Pegine, Inc. is an award-winning organizational development and training firm that helps corporations and government engage, reach, train, develop and market internally and externally to women, multicultural and military groups.

Team Pegine was awarded the very rare and coveted “Exceptional” CPAR rating by the Department of Defense, which stated: Team Pegine has “exceptional organizational, coordination and reach back capabilities. With a high profile event attended by the senior most individuals of the government and leading non-governmental personnel this small business did a magnificent job.”

Based in Florida, one of Team Pegine’s most recent honors was being named one of the fastest growing private sector companies in Northeast Florida for three consecutive years.


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