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4 Changes Caused by Women In Leadership

Last night I was in a restaurant and noticed a group of women in the corner. The restaurant was empty and the voices of the women reached my table. They were talking about leadership, opportunities and women in leadership.

They were talking about their next steps, I was able to surmise that they worked for a large global corporation and were in senior leadership. As my ears grew and I strained to listen I heard the same things that I hear from my coaching clients, all who are in senior leadership.

Confidence Karma – How to be a Feisty, Fearless, Focused, Fun Female Leader

Change has arrived

[1] The Old Boys Network is shaking, quaking and digging in.

The sidebar meetings, the isolation tactics [ keep the femsaway] are accelerated. They just don’t get that they have to change, learn and be flexible to a new way. This is happening in corporate, government, and associations. Change has happens. Learn how to deal with power women.

[2] The Women’s Network is growing, expanding and becoming more powerful, more influential, more sophisticated and more demanding.

As women are leading, flourishing in business and expanding their reach they have ensured that they go around, over, under or through the obstacles to get what they want. The meeting I observed was a power meeting and celebration, One woman was blocked from a President’s position, the women had strategized, planned and produced a bigger and better President position, they were celebrating her win, their win. She was offered the new President position. The women’s network is thriving.

[3] When organization’s want to ‘manage’ their women’sgroups, they pressed the wrong buttons.

Woman have been ‘managed’ throughout history, that was then, this is now. Women are collaborators, community engagers, community promoters and engage with each other in a different way.  When organizations use their legalese to manage women, it raises the hairs on the back of women’s necks.  Be careful and tread slow and steady.  Understand what you are losing in the process, loyalty, engagement, support and money.  ERG’s, Gender-specific groups serve a purpose that the organization does not. Appreciate the community, the connections and the core cultures of the group.  One size fits all does not serve an organization’s desire to embrace women. 

[4] When power women are in a power fight with men or a group of men, don’t be the wise male and coach her and not the men. We will call you out. 

Don’t coach a woman to be understanding and flexible if you aren’t coaching the male in the scenario to do the same. Don’t coach a woman to be patient during a challenge if you aren’t coaching a man to do the same. It is fascinating how often my clients are coached by wise men during a trying time, and yet the other parties involved (men) are never called and coached by the wise man. Oh, wise man… coach all or just keep quiet.

Change has arrived.

Learn how to deal with it.

Pegine leads clients on a discovery of the four key strategies that great leaders embrace to exude confidence, influence, impact and have the ability to inspire others.

Pegine coaches women at the top of their game and who invest in themselves as they prepare to lead more, grow more and expand their reach. Clients in clude CEO, Senior leadership and politicians.

Her call to action is “Be Powerful, Be You! Lead in a diverse world with impact, influence& ability to Inspire others.”

Pegine’s leadership and business blog was named 1 of the top 20 Women in Leadership Blogs. She is also an Award-winning author, her book “Sometimes You Have to Kick Your Own Butt” was named the top ten books for women four years in a row by Society of Human ResourceManagement. Walmart, Clorox and General Motors among many others have hiredPegine to influence, impact and inspire women to be great leaders.


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