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7 Business Profits Tips “Get What You Give”

7 Business profits truths regarding the statement  “What you give is what you get.”

1. In negotiation if you are looking for a deal, expect people to look for deals from you.


2. If you value yourself and your work, others will do the same.


3. Your prices are your prices, their prices are theirs. Pay the price, it goes both ways.


4. Give great service, get great service.

Man writing Happy Client on a virtual screen conceptual of feedback, support and quality service and products.

5. Take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and purpose. You will find yourself surrounded by people doing the same. Those that don’t, will drift away.

Think.quote 69 I am responsible to support, and serve and be the best example at all times. I am a representative. I am a leader

6. Buy the best you can afford. Look for the best quality, look for items that make you feel great. Your products, services are the best too! People looking for the best will find you.

best quality

7. Be enthusiastic about your suppliers, your vendors, your clients. They will be enthusiastic about you!

Thumbs up.woman



If you follow these 7 Business Prosperity Tips you will be exuding the confidence, authenticity and having the influence to attract the right customers, vendors and relationships to succeed. Business requires people to value your products and services. Be the example.

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  1. Dianne Devitt: July 13, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Say these every day for 8 minutes

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