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7 Leadership Signs You Are Having a Positive Impact

7 Signs You Are Having a Positive Impact

Leaders are always looking for a return on investment (ROI). When was the last time you assessed whether you are having a positive impact on the people who impact procedures and profits? Time for you to identify if you are having a positive impact. 

Here are 7 Signs you are having a positive impact as a leader

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1 People are showing up at work on time or early and they are checking in with you to see if you need any support

2. There is a visceral change in the energy within your office. People are noticing it and your peers are talking about it.

3. There is a heightened sense of camaraderie and mission success. People are actually cheering each other on and on noticing others successes. As a matter of fact, people should be coming to you and telling you what a great job their peer is doing, so you can recognize them. 

4. Your numbers will show productivity increases and more profitability compared to before.

5. your peers are asking you for advice about leadership.

6. Your team members employees are nominating you for leadership awards.

7. You feel great about what is happening. You can feel it within yourself you know you are in the zone.

If you are not having these results, then it is time to assess your leadership skills.

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