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The Power Behind Leadership: Administrative Professionals

Make your Administrative Professional Your Partner

Leaders who effectively use their administrative professionals are more productive,  focused and are able to leverage the connections of their assistant to make a difference in their work.

The Power Behind Leadership: Administrative Professional Pegine Leadership Keynote 904.280.8806

The key to having your assistant be your partner to achieve your visions is to share your visions. So many leaders won’t share with their assistant where they want to go, what they want to nachieve, who’s important to them and the strategy of how to get from where they are to where they want to go.

Leaders who use their assistants to help them move the needle gain insights of which they may not be aware. The Power Behind Leadership: Administrative Professional Pegine Leadership Keynote 904.280.8806 Great assistants know what’s happening around the office. They know what’s happening in the field, they have antennas on their head that make them very savvy and aware. If you share where you want to go, they can offer you some insights about who might be a great leader for an event, they know where the bodies are buried and that could be useful to you.

When you make them a partner they begin to use the leverage that they have amongst the admins they know and they may be able to give you some insight that you might not know.

Think of it as a golf game. If you go out by yourself without a caddy you’re the one that’s choosing where to go and you’re the one that’s going to choose  Administrative Professional Pegine Leadership Keynote 904.280.8806the next club. If you bring a caddy with you he or she knows the best golf club to use. He or she really knows the landscape and what you might not see. They have worked the greens and they have talked with other caddies. They have learned the nuances and can share them with you.  They can give you great insight, that’s how professional golfers use caddies, their caddies are part of their partnership. Are you using your assistant your best advantage?

Have a meeting with your assistant. Share your thoughts of where you want to go. Ask them for insights to help you reach your strategy. Educate them about leverage and the importance of growing their network and understanding yours. Ask them, “ who don’t I know that I should?” This gives them more responsibility and more of a buy-in to support your goals.

Great assistants are extremely valuable. Use and develop yours and make sure your assistant knows that you appreciate them.

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