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Little Actions To Inspire Your Team

Inspiring team members to action to build camaraderie is a core responsibility of any leader. Often times we fail to inspire teams because we don’t have the skills to do so.. Here are some little-known ways that you can Inspire team. These tips will give you more confidence and earn you more loyalty.

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5 Tips for Women To Present ~Oprah Style~

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  1. Head

  2. Shoulders

  3. Eyes

  4. Voice

  5. Planting


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21 Expert Presentation Tips For Leaders

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She goes by her first name, Pegine, if first names are good enough for Oprah, Beyoncé and Shakira it is good enough for her.

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Inspire Your Employees

Don’t Freak Out!

You Can Inspire Your Employees

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Here are six ways that you can make sure that you are inspiring your employees


1. Preparation

When you are preparing to speak to your team, think about a time when overcome a difficult moment in your career. Think about what you were feeling,  what you were doing, and what you saying to yourself during that time.  Go through the scenario.  Think of the details and how you felt after you succeeded.  Share the details with your team. You faced a challenge, in the middle of it this is what was going through your head, then you shifted your perspective and this result.  Let them know that they too will overcome the challenge, they too can succeed. Most of all let them know you believe in them. 

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7 Leadership Signs You Are Having a Positive Impact

7 Signs You Are Having a Positive Impact

Leaders are always looking for a return on investment (ROI). When was the last time you assessed whether you are having a positive impact on the people who impact procedures and profits? Time for you to identify if you are having a positive impact. 

Here are 7 Signs you are having a positive impact as a leader

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5 Reasons Leaders Should Ask For Help

5 Reasons Leaders Should Ask For Help


When leaders ask for help it is a gift to others.  Your asking for help gives those around you the chance to support you and believe in you and the opportunity to serve you. Here are five reasons why leaders should be asking for help Pegine Leadership Speaker

1 No Man or Woman is an Island. You Can’t Achieve Alone

You need people to support you and help you out. When you ask for help you are a helping others learn how to ask for help for themselves. This lesson alone increases productivity,  reduces mistakes and gains more effective engagement among team members. You also gain new solutions to the problems you’re looking to resolve, often those solutions are better than the solutions you were considering. 


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Mind Freaking: Selling In A Diverse Sales World

Selling to People Who Are Different Than You

Successful sales begin with being interested in the other person, identifying their needs and providing solutions to their problems.

Selling to people you don’t ‘get’ means you are working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, socioeconomic levels, disabilities, and ethnicities yet the sales process is the same.

What stops the successful selling process when selling to people who are different than you…… it is what goes through your head.

What can go through your head when you encounter someone different than your expectation is called a “Mind Freak” moment.

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Pegine’s 2018 Adventure in Reading

This is what I will be reading this year. Will I fall in love, like and learn from these books?

I hope so, at least I know I will learn something.

Pegine Leadership Speaker

I love reading and learning. I am very excited. What are you reading?

What will be your adventure? Join the amazing adventure. Read. Here is my reading list for 2018

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21 Expert Presentation Tips For Leaders Leadership Speaker


21 Expert Presentation Tips For Leaders

1. Make sure your presentation has three key points.

2. Within those points have a story that creates emotion because it is relatable.

3  Have a system to be able to identify and log the three key points and the stories.

4  Practice practice and practice.

5. Know where your audience is. In your imagination break the room into four quarters. Make sure you speak to someone in each quarter. It makes a difference. It is inclusive and makes people in within that section feel like you are talking to them. Powerful. 

7. Use your voice in a variety of ways. Loud, soft, different octaves. Don’t just speak in monotone.

8. Make your presentation relatable. Explain difficult topics in short easy to understand sentences. Slow down. You know the material, they don’t. 

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Four Key Ways To Build Trust


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Trust is the foundation of confidence, faith, belief, and success.  Trust is not easy to come by in this world.  It seems as though trust is an external process. We are always being asked to trust people, trust our leaders, and trust that the situation that it will all work out.

Know that asking me to trust you is a HUGE ASK.

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Be A Memorable Woman Leader

“WoW, You are a memorable character!”

Someone I just met at a conference emailed me and shared “WoW, You are a memorable character!”Characters.

I shared the comment on a Facebook group about women’s leadership advice. I received responses from women saying “Go Girl” “You Rock” and so on. I also received a response saying “That is rude”. I realized that many lurkers probably thought the same thing. Which lead to this post. “Are You Memorable” and more importantly “Are You a Memorable Character?”  It’s not rude to be called a memorable character… it’s awesome and powerful!  The best women’s leadership advice I ever received was from one of my sponsors and a CSMO (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer) named Al Roth who said “People remember you, promote you, sponsor you, hire you, buy from  you and refer you because… they remember you’re a positive character.”

Be a woman leader who is memorable.

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