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Corporate Leadership Speaker

Pegine is a corporate leadership speaker. She speaks on leading in a diverse world and women’s leadership. Her presentations are interactive and informative. They feature usable content and reality reality based.

Clients call her the real deal. She is hired by Walmart, General Motors, Travelers Insurance and many other organizations to engage, inspire, educate and motivate leaders in a diverse world.

Pegine is highly interactive, humorous speaker. She provides participants with the tools, insights and content they can immediately utilize.

She is founder of Team Pegine, a leadership engagement firm  that produces memorable experiences for corporations and government agencies. Team Pegine produces situational training exercises and outreach events to engage diverse communities.

Pegine is the only Latina, and one of eight women inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame.

Here is her introduction video:

Corporate Leadership Speaker: Women Engagement


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Add Value Expose Yourself to New Markets & Ideas

Add Value New Ideas and markets

You add value by increasing your knowledge and experiences when you, as a leader & salesperson, expose yourself to new markets, people and ideas.

Expand your business, sales and leadership by playing in different markets.

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GM’s Women’s Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

GM.Ken.Marina.2015.Women of Influence.jpg-large

Ken Barrett, Global Chief Diversity Officer for General Motors Company and Marina Shoemaker, Global Director of Director of Diversity – Women’s Initiatives have been bringing Women’s Leadership Keynote Speaker, Pegine, to address General Motors Women’s Leadership Conference for Women in Leadership and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to keynote GM’s Women’s conferences since 2014.

Pegine is a favorite speaker among GM women. “Pegine is a powerhouse, she bring real world strategies, techniques and tips women can use right now.” said Ken Barrett. Mr Barrett has utilized Pegine’s expertise when he was head of diversity for the US Navy and then Head of Diversity for the Department of Defense overseeing all diversity efforts among DoD employees and military personal within all branches of the military.

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Be Great! Hang Out with Great People

Jim Rohn said  we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  So true.  During every transition and transformation in my life I had to change my circle of friends.  Each time I made a change – my life changed. I know that who I hang out with determines who I am.

Girlfriends – Hang out with women who ROCK their world.

Hang out with women who ROCK their world. This weekend I came back from my Master Mind retreat.  Master Mind groups are groups of people – In Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” he describes how to form a master mind group. Usually four or more people (and less than 10) who choose to meet regularly so that, together, they can plan and oversee the development of their personal goals and support the goals of the individual members.

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