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9/11 A Story of Goodness, Hope and the Power of Teddy Bears, Teamwork and an Idea

#September11 #TheTeddyBearProject #OneIdeaMakesADifference

I got the call from my sister-in-law, “just turn on the TV.”

We had just moved to Florida from New York. David and I are born and raised in NYC kids. Our family tradition had been, since the time the children were born, to go to the World Trade Center, have breakfast on a Saturday morning and watch the photographers take wedding pictures, while we ate a croissant and coffee with the kids. Then we walked to Canal Street and did shopping. It was our family tradition.

Every year we would also go to Jimmy Curran, his wife Maryilyn’s house for their annual fireman’s celebration. Jimmy and Marilyn were friends of my family since I was a teen Jimmy had been the Captain of NYCFD Rescue One. And was also the president of the New York City Firefighters Burn Unit. He had become the trainer of every firefighter for a high-level risk recovery.

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Every person should have their own song!

Creating a song that embodies who you are is life-giving.  What you say to yourself is so powerful you that you deserve your own song. One of the best investments I made was in creating and producing my song. It is my ring tone, it pumps me up in the morning and people love listening to it.

Here is how I use my song:

  1. As my ring tone. Yes it shouts to me who I am
  2. As my introduction music when I speak.  Pumps and me and others up. I also use it in my close. No copyright issues it is all mine.
  3. Share it with friends and fans who need to be pumped. Love inspiring people.

The first is my full song Pegine Power.



The second is the second stanza for you to sing to you. Pegine Power Song “It’s My Power” for You to Sing To YOU

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