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How to be a PAID Motivational Speaker in Ten Steps

I’ve been a professional full-time motivational speaker for over twenty years.  I often receive the same question.

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Military Millennials Train to be Great Leaders

Military Millennials Are Different

Military Millennials Are Different — Those who have signed up to serve our country now and in the coming future are Millennials. People lump all Millennials into one bucket and make assumptions of who they are. There is a subset of Millennials that you, as leaders, have to be aware of. After their military service, they will see to work for your companies, organizations, and associations.   Know who you are dealing with. The moment you see military service or prior service, shift your perspective.

Remember we are an all volunteer military.  To join the military you have to be between the ages of 17 to 34, depending on the branch. I call them #MilitaryMillenials

Here are 6 falsehoods about Millenials who join the military and are prior service (veterans).

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Seesaw of Shame, Failure, Success at Professional Conferences

What will you think of me? That thought crosses the minds of thousands of leaders going to professional conferences.

The Seesaw of Shame, Failure, Success at Professional Conferences


Pegine Leadership Business Motivational Speaker 904.280.8806You are a few weeks out before your professional conference and I wanted to address an issue that I experience, have experienced and know others experience. The conflict within of shame, failure, and success. At your professional conference, the “How is everything?”Oh great… got this, got that, life is amazing‘ happens day in and day out.

Except in our head. The feelings of shame or failure can infect us. It is like a really huge magnifying glass focusing on what isn’t working, what hasn’t worked and the failings within.

If you go to professional conferences, no matter your leadership level, the see-saw is a natural occurrence. You see their outside presentation and compare what you see to your inside thoughts.

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Doing Your Best at This Moment Begins With Your Mindset

Doing your best at this moment while leading, selling and improving yourself, starts takes discipline. You should be aware of flight attendant instructions “be sure to adjust your own mask, before helping others.” It all starts with you and your mindset. You can’t give what you don’t have.


Oprah’s quote “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment”, is so important.  You have to prepare and put yourself first.   If you take the time to follow these instructions you will be in the most perfect place for your next moment. It always starts with you.

Pegine Motivational Leadership Speaker 904.280.8806

  • You can’t lead well if you are stuck and feeling bad

  • You can’t sell and inspire others to take action if you are having negative emotions

  • You can’t do your best if you don’t see yourself as capable, worthy, lovable and valuable.  It starts with you

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Show Up

Show up, the best business decision you can make.


“Who wants a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill?” shared the speaker from the stage.   You can hear crickets, after five seconds still no one was running up to the stage after ten seconds you saw some brave soul run up and ask for the money.

Maybe you have been in a conference and saw a speaker do this.  Of course, the point is that you have to step up and take what is being offered.

Have you ever heard the saying, “the early worm gets the worm”? The saying is a proverb to teach people that they need to act early or right now to be successful.  Woody Allen shares that Showing up is 80 percent of life.

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Duh! Leaders, Are You Denying The Solution?

Denial is a huge problem. Denying the solution is a bigger problem, because you just stay stuck with the problem. I am grateful I woke up. How many leaders are still sleeping?

Pegine - Leadership Keynote Speaker - Executive Coach - - 904.280.8806 Orlando Atlanta Miami Tampa Jacksonville FloridaI am humbly saying, Duh!! I didn’t see the solution until today.

Denying the solution is a bigger problem, because you just stay stuck with the problem. Read this #leadership blog

Have you ever read the parable about the man and the flood waters rising. He kept asking for help and the supreme sent people to help him. Still he kept asking for help, even though people came to help he said, “no, God will show me the way” and then finally he drowned. He asked the Lord “why you didn’t save me” and God said “I sent help,  I sent the neighbor, the boat, the National Guard and you kept saying no.” 

Well, I’m that gal.

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Leadership Keynote Speaker Pegine – speaking brochure

Click the link or the picture for the Leadership Keynote Speaker Pegine brochure



Leadership Keynote Speaker, Pegine


Described by many as a ‘Kick Butt Rock Star’ speaker and coach, Pegine is a motivational master, award winning sales leader and business owner, executive business mentor, entrepreneur, bestselling author, whose goal is to teach people around the world how to ‘lead, sell, and kick your own butt!” through impact, influence and inspiring others.

She is a straight talking, bold, highly enthusiastic magnetic personality, that brims with passion, has motivated thousands across the world over the last 20 years. Known for her big thinking, tell it like it is approach, coupled with endearing heart, will leave you challenged and transformed, ready to achieve extraordinary things. Pegine transforms the way people look at themselves, their clients and their business.  Pegine uses “strategic laughter” to help individuals and teams:

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Positive Motivational Affirmations No.1 [VIDEO]

Positive Motivational Affirmations No.1

Be focused on Your Power, Thought and Action [VIDEO] Affirmations

Positive Affirmation and Motivational Message from

Be focused on Your Power, Thought and Action.

Think powerfully. Feel powerful. Be powerful.
I choose to be my best. I am strong. I am positive.
I am valuable. I am in the flow. I know who I am.
I think. I believe. I act.
Share. Like. Comment. Follow. Thank you.


Music:  Warrior Inside by Leader

Purchase on Amazon

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Keep your fork, the best is yet to come!

Motivation and Kick Butt Actions Tips from Motivational Leadership and Business Speaker

Pegine’s Thought:

“Keep your fork, the best is yet to come”

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Corporate Leadership Speaker

Pegine is a corporate leadership speaker. She speaks on leading in a diverse world and women’s leadership. Her presentations are interactive and informative. They feature usable content and reality reality based.

Clients call her the real deal. She is hired by Walmart, General Motors, Travelers Insurance and many other organizations to engage, inspire, educate and motivate leaders in a diverse world.

Pegine is highly interactive, humorous speaker. She provides participants with the tools, insights and content they can immediately utilize.

She is founder of Team Pegine, a leadership engagement firm  that produces memorable experiences for corporations and government agencies. Team Pegine produces situational training exercises and outreach events to engage diverse communities.

Pegine is the only Latina, and one of eight women inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame.

Here is her introduction video:

Corporate Leadership Speaker: Women Engagement


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