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Every person should have their own song!

Creating a song that embodies who you are is life-giving.  What you say to yourself is so powerful you that you deserve your own song. One of the best investments I made was in creating and producing my song. It is my ring tone, it pumps me up in the morning and people love listening to it.

Here is how I use my song:

  1. As my ring tone. Yes it shouts to me who I am
  2. As my introduction music when I speak.  Pumps and me and others up. I also use it in my close. No copyright issues it is all mine.
  3. Share it with friends and fans who need to be pumped. Love inspiring people.

The first is my full song Pegine Power.



The second is the second stanza for you to sing to you. Pegine Power Song “It’s My Power” for You to Sing To YOU

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Secret Key to Asking

Magic sauce Ask for what you want

There is a secret key to achieving your dreams.  The key is asking. It is one of the most daunting action steps a person can take, and the most liberating.

There are many ways of asking, for most situations it starts with these three steps.

1. Decide what you want, specifically, know what you want overall. Then decide what you want in specifics (really break it down)

2. Know who to ask

3 Ask

It all sounds so simple.  I know it isn’t.

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Elevating Your Voice To The C-Suite

How you influence, impact and inspire others to action, especially within the C-Suite is a combination of marketing, strategy, communication and confidence.  The people I coach are leaders who must continually influence C-Suite leaders and those that have their ear.  There are key strategies you can use to elevate your voice. It takes courage and a willingness on your part to become a C Suite Influencer.

There are four key strategies that you can use now to enhance your expertise and elevate your voice. 

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Can a female speaker hold an audience of men?

“I am having trouble finding a woman speaker for male audiences?”
“Can a female keynote speaker hold an audience of men?”
These are questions I hear and read in articles from leaders and planners of events. The concern is:

Can a female speaker hold an audience of men?

Can a woman own a large stage? 

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How To Convince Others To Align with You

To sell your ideas you  need to convince others that your vision is valuable and worthy and they should be aligned with you. It is really important for your business and for your career. Overcome the fear of approaching others and ask.
Pegine Keynote Speaker Leadership Business SpeakerReally, isn’t convincing others, the same thing as sales? Did you just say “I hate sales”. Well, the truth of the matter is sales is a part of your life.
You are always selling your ideas, you are always convincing your family to do something. You are trying to get your friends to follow ysuggestion and go to the restaurant that you want to go to.
This is sales, this is what we do on a daily basis. People get stuck when they attach too much to the outcome, when they imagine failure and when they freak themselves out and sound desperate. Here are three concepts that you can use to overcome your fear, convince others and take action.

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Mind Freaking: Selling In A Diverse Sales World

Selling to People Who Are Different Than You

Successful sales begin with being interested in the other person, identifying their needs and providing solutions to their problems.

Selling to people you don’t ‘get’ means you are working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, socioeconomic levels, disabilities, and ethnicities yet the sales process is the same.

What stops the successful selling process when selling to people who are different than you…… it is what goes through your head.

What can go through your head when you encounter someone different than your expectation is called a “Mind Freak” moment.

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How to be a PAID Motivational Speaker in Ten Steps

I’ve been a professional full-time motivational speaker for over twenty years.  I often receive the same question.

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Show Up

Show up, the best business decision you can make.


“Who wants a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill?” shared the speaker from the stage.   You can hear crickets, after five seconds still no one was running up to the stage after ten seconds you saw some brave soul run up and ask for the money.

Maybe you have been in a conference and saw a speaker do this.  Of course, the point is that you have to step up and take what is being offered.

Have you ever heard the saying, “the early worm gets the worm”? The saying is a proverb to teach people that they need to act early or right now to be successful.  Woody Allen shares that Showing up is 80 percent of life.

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Speak Powerfully to Impact, Influence and Inspire Others – Your Story

Leaders who want to speak powerfully to have impact, influence and inspire other must strive to speak from their most authentic self.

Speak Powerfully

Leaders who speak powerfully include stories. Relevant stories, from your own experience are the most powerful stories to share. Culture, community, values and clarity of vision come from stories.

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@PeginePower”]Relevant stories, from your own experience are the most powerful stories to share. [/tweetthis]


To craft a great story you have to know yourself.

You have to review who you are and how you got to this level. You are always the hero in your story. You have overcame something, stayed focused and eventually won.  This is your story.

Your business stories summarize your message of how you achieved this quarter’s goal, or how you learned to fight through  rough sales as are powerful, inspiring stories for others and for those who are  facing their next challenge or opportunity.

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