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MBE Magazine Cheers Business Speaker

Business Speaker and Business Leader CelebratedWomen Who Rock In Business

Business Speaker and business leader, Pegine is featured in Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine and is on the cover as a “Woman Who Rocks In Business.”

Read Pegine’s Story and her M.O.U.S.E Rules for Small Business.

Click here to read the article Women Who Rock In Business. To subscribe to Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine click here

Macy’s is the sponsor who is presenting Pegine and her fellow honorees to the world.

Pegines is a Florida based motivational keynote leadership and business speaker. She often speaks to supplier diversity, women, Hispanic, Black and multicultural business and leadership conferences. She is the only Latina and one of eight women inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame.  She is also CEO andPresident of  Team Pegine, which was named # 3 of the Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies in North Florida by Jacksonville Business Journal. 50

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Success Power Poem “I am grateful, responsible & …”

Life has bumps, life is a roller coaster, stuff happens. Your Success Power comes from how you react to the stuff. Your reactions and actions determine your life experience.

There are two key power messages that when humans get it, they can change everything.

  1. I am responsible to and for me.
  2. I trust me


Here is a poem/statement I wrote about on those two statements.  You can click on the image or link to receive a pdf of the poem so you can post on your desk, mirror, or desk to remind you of who you really are.

Pegine Poem. Responsible.Trust


Pegine Poem

~Pegine (c)2015




I am responsible to me. I Trust me.


I am responsible for the energy, enthusiasm and joy I exude.

I am responsible for my feelings and emotions.

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20 Years Successfully Serving Corporate & Gov

Pegine and her team are celebrating 20 years in business.

April 1, 1996 Pegine answered the call that had been silently calling her for years.  Produce extraordinary experiences that engage, inspire and elevate leaders in a diverse world. Her first contract was to produced a scaled community outreach leadership development program for Latino community leaders who were high risk teens. The program R.A.V.E. received congressional recognition as one of the top leadership development programs. The program is used around the world and has been modified to meet the needs of high risk youth who have leadership potential.

Over the last twenty years Pegine and her team has evolved. We work with government and corporate clients to engage, train and market to diverse communities. We specialize inclusion, influence, connections and leadership in a diverse world and are leading the forfront in executive women’s leadership development using situational training exercises and Pegine interactive speaking style.  The Pegine suite of websites includes and Team Pegine.

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Take a Risk For Your Career & Life

Having passion and purpose,  requires that you take a R.I.S.K for your career and life.  I had the chance to speak to 130 people on taking risks this past week. Here are some of the points I shared.

This is your career and your success, this is your life. Personal and professional development includes embracing your passion and your purpose. However, to truly reap rewards you have to be willing to take a R.I.S.K. Here is a PDF of the slides called Take A Risk for your life & Career

1.Choice.Passion Purpose Risk

You always have choice. However, it is up to you. It is your call to ensure that your choice is aligned with your passion and purpose.



2.PassionYou passion comes from you, defining for you, your WHY. 

Why are you excited to do what you do? Why does your sense of excitement, energy and  enthusiasm grow in intensity?  WHY?

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How Opportunities Come to You

Opportunities come to you through three people streams.

  • People that know you
  • People that like you and are attracted to you
  • People that trust you

Most people will assume that opportunities just happen. They don’t.

By Pegine Motivational Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Business, Teambuilding 

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Be an Influential Leader 10 Tips Rita Moreno Taught Me

Be an influential leader

Oh how beautiful when your life inspires another to take the leap of faith, to take a  step forward to say

“If you can do it, so can I”

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Rejected! Rejection Doesn’t Mean Failure.

Rejection doesn’t mean failure.


Rejection provides you with 4 ways to successfully embrace your strengths.

Often rejection doesn’t mean rejection either.  You may perceive it as rejection, yet it isn’t really. Often it just a “maybe, just a not now” or a message of “YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!! MOVE ON

Make sure you are hearing what is being said correctly and not layering words on top of their message.

There are several techniques to assess a rejection so you use it to propel yourself to success.

How you respond, how you relate to the rejection and how you use the rejection for your highest good will make a world of difference to your career and move you from a failure mindset to a success and champion mindset.


They rejected your idea or proposal. Remember rejection doesn’t mean failure.

  1. Lack of clarity of what they wanted

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50 Success Secrets For Women In Business Ebook

You are a powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful female.

Here are 50 success secrets for women in business, leadership and who have influence (or want it.  I am surrounded by the most amazing and powerful women who are self made women. Over time I’ve culled some of their and my own insights for you.

Here is your copy  50_Secrets_of_Fiesty_Females.


Pegine (pronounced Peg-een). Pegine is CEO of the #3 2013 fastest growing 50 privately owned companies in North Florida. Pegine is one of 58 inductees into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame along with Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins – she is one of eight women and the only Latina. Her clients are Fortune 500 Global corporations and powerful female leaders. She speaks to female leaders worldwide and those that want to market, reach and engage women leaders. Pegine coaches global female leaders, female politicians, women corporate board directors and women who run multimillion dollars businesses. Just like you they work, have families, volunteer and feel like imposters, are confidence challenged and juggling life. They all want to have presence, be powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful. She goes by her first name only. If its good enough for Cher and Beyoncé it’s good enough for her.

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Add Value Expose Yourself to New Markets & Ideas

Add Value New Ideas and markets

You add value by increasing your knowledge and experiences when you, as a leader & salesperson, expose yourself to new markets, people and ideas.

Expand your business, sales and leadership by playing in different markets.

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Never Underestimate My Power

When I look back on my life I can proudly say I am a champion, a fighter and an achiever. I would also say to naysayers and those who want to stand in my way “Never underestimate my power

The truth is that often, during tough times, I can forget that message to myself. I forget that message. I can lose my perspective. In those moments I’ve learned to take certain action steps to regain my truth and embrace my awareness of me.

Note for all.  Just because I waver in a moment, or go silent, or smile and am enthusiastic it is wise for you to not underestimate my power.Don't underestimate me

My mantra is “Impossible is always possible for me” 

I didn’t say it was easy to believe that statement. Sometimes I fight within to believe it. That is okay  I still do it anyway.

I just remind myself that

  • For every problem there is a a solution.
  • For every challenge there is an opportunity.
  • For every defeat there is a chance to win.
  • For every lost sale there are more sales to be had. The perfect sale for me.

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