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You want to open doors, be confident. You want to have an expansive life be confident. You want to achieve success in your life, career, relationships, being confident allows you to have it all.

Confidence is a feeling or emotion.

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Like all feelings and emotions confidence is in your control. Too often I hear people deny their confidence, they keep telling the same story. Get confident, put yourself out there over and over and over no matter what.

Not arrogant, but confident. Confidence is an internal knowing – a glow, while arrogance is a superior need to laud oneself over others. You can be arrogant and not confident.

Confidence is the fulcrum of your life. It is that sturdy, center that balances you and keeps you steady when things around you are teetering back and forth like a seesaw.

Confidence is knowing that you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right actions.

Confidence is knowing that no matter how rough, tough and challenging people, places or situations are you can handle it all.  You know you will figure it out.

It is time to stir up your confidence. Think about

Confidence builds up over time. Confidence comes when you just know yourself well enough to say “I am the one. I will find a way. I will keep at it.”

Confidence is developed through mantras, mission, and self-love.


Mantras are repeatable messages of who you are and what you do. The mantras always start with “I am…”

Write 20 mantras that you can repeat often throughout the day.


Why are you here? Create a mission, just choose one and stick to it.  My mission is to inspire people to lead in a diverse world. I want all to be powerful and be uniquely you, to know who you are, own who you are and share who you are. I am working my mission when I work with women leaders.


You are the most important person in your life. You are the center of your world. It is so important to love yourself, be nice to yourself and honor yourself. You come first always.

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You are worth the investment of time and effort to embrace confidence. Confidence is the way to open yourself to opportunities, solutions, and rewards.


Bring Pegine to your organization or conference. She is an experience.

Pegine’s energy, experience, tell it like it keynotes provide real deal strategies, tips, and techniques to have impact, influence and be able to inspire others. She pushes, prods and provokes the audience to get out of their comfort zone and lead using humor and comedy. Pegine has spoken to over 20,000 military officers, and hundreds of thousands of leaders worldwide and over a million people. Clients include ten percent of the Fortune 500 global corporations, twelve percent of Direct Selling News 2016 North American Top 50 and all branches of the US military.


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