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Do You Trust Yourself?

Are you your own champion? Are you your own best resource? You are responsible for your results, your choices and your thoughts about you.

It is so easy for me to notice others, to honor others and to cherish people. To love others, even strangers. It is easy for me to see their magnificence.

Is that true for you? Do you see others achievements, successes, actions and applaud them?

Then do you notice your internal thoughts and maybe compare them to their external displays?

Have you ever wondered how they seem so confident, focused, clear and ‘perfect’. They seem to trust, They seem to love their life.

All the while you are dealing with your fears, worries and small thinking, which makes you feel just plain lousy.

Been there, done that.

I have been, and am now, truly joyous for others and thrilled at their magnificence.

However, in the past, I noticed something was missing.  I had to face that I didn’t do that for me.

I didn’t take a BIGGER, BOLDER and more important step to trust me and love me.

And this is after I closed million dollar deals, receiving accolades from the highest branches of government and corporate clients, raising two amazing kids and appearing in some of the finest newspapers and magazines in the world.

I still struggled, I didn’t trust me or love me as I did others.

So why didn’t I trust myself, or feel like a champion all the time?  I needed to discover ways to honor, trust and love me.

Now I have a ritual. Everyday, I take time to notice me. Everyday, I recommit to myself and honor me as a blessing.

For myself, I have to focus, stop, keep still and connect with self. For me, I choose to strengthen my core/my heart, I rub olive oil on my skin so good or bad just rolls off, and what sticks is how I choose to think of me, to love me and to honor me. Outer circumstances now minimally impact my feelings and thoughts about me. My goal is to totally eliminate their impact on my thoughts, beliefs and self concept (being in the public eye it is important that I keep centered).

The truth is that I’m with me 24/7/365, so what I think of me is the most important treasure in my world. My thoughts, perspectives, dreams, creations and focus is driven by me. No one else can do this for me. Just as I can’t do this for you. I can pick up others points of view of me. However, I get to choose what I accept, the same applies to you.


The good, great, bad, or horrible perspective is always my choice.
Which is why I love the concept of trusting myself for my highest good.

Do you trust yourself? Are you there for you?
Trust … I admit I’ve had trust issues with others. I thought that trust was an external experience. It is an internal experience. I trust me and that is what counts. The freedom once I understood this and began to ask myself these questions.

In the end it is all we have, our faith and trust in ourselves. We get to choose who we want to be, get to decide to be that, then be that. It comes from trusting yourself to be, do, and have what you want.
That is my responsibility. It is why I trust me.

I’m free to choose my life.

Liberation is knowing you always get to decide who you want to be, do and have. No matter where you live, your life is your choice.

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1 Responses to Do You Trust Yourself?

  1. nikki nanos: April 28, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    Words so true. I was in a very negative corporate environment, people can argue with me that you can choose to be happy even when you’re surrounded by negativity, but it wore me down year after year and I became negative, I didn’t like myself, who I had become. I made a choice to leave after seven and a half years, not knowing where my next paycheck was coming from and I still don’t know, but I made a choice to get back to the fun, loving person I had lost. It took me almost three solid months to get rid of the toxic thoughts I let in all those years and I did nothing but surround myself with positive thoughts, books, cd’s, people and retrain that stinking’ thinkin’. You are so right on in this message, “No one else can do this for me” and “Do you trust yourself?” We have to love and trust ourselves, we have a choice to make with every breath we take. Haven’t been this happy in years and years. Thank you Pegine.

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