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Why Emotions Matter to Great Leaders

Great leaders see the good in everything, the see the future as becoming better, expanded and prosperous. Great leaders know that focusing on solutions and their emotional state makes a big difference in their lives and the lives of the people they work with.

Emotions Matter To Great Leaders 

Your calm, cool and joyful demeanor isn’t easy to maintain at times. However, it is the only way to stay centered, present and focused so you can be content and be the leader you know you are capable of being.

A family member leaves our world to join the dearly departed or there is a challenge with a loved one.

At the office, there may be lots of drama, politicking, and people strategizing. There may be people who go around, or over colleagues looking at their interests and not necessarily looking for the highest and best interest for all.

It happens, and when it does it can be exhausting. These events can cause disruption in your confidence, calmness, and balance.

Everything happens for your highest most magnificent good.

You might not understand that in the moment, however, in the long run, and from lessons learned from looking back in your life, you know this is true. You gained tools, you grew and you are better for the experiences.

Great leaders know this and embrace this.

Your observation and reflection enable you to become to the conclusion. You are responsible and you accept that responsibility.  Your beliefs, faith, attitudes drove you to behave in certain ways.  You changed and you grew.

You know you are totally in control of your thoughts and your feelings.

This was really hard for me to get. I got it through intention. I can control my thoughts. I have mastered the art of thinking and fuel my mind with messages I want to think.

I can control my feelings. Understanding this concept, control my emotions, has been a bigger challenge for me. I have been a student of this concept for over 30 years. I am aware of the power of using my emotions to create, innovate, lead, influence and inspire others.   It is what I teach leaders who choose to be great.

Leaders have to start with themselves. It always starts with where they are on the emotional scale.

Here are three questions I ask leaders and ask myself:

How do I really want to feel?Pegine Leadership Speaker www.pegine.com 904.280.8806

This question has enabled me, and my clients, to really dive into self-awareness and clarity. How do I really want to feel?  I know that, for me, I want to feel joyous, positive, successful, confident, eager, magnificent, free, abundant, inspired, excited, blessed, grateful, expectant, vital and really happy.  Now I have a baseline. How do you want to feel?

Take the time to really answer this question.  It isn’t as easy as you think.

How do I feel right now?

Stop, drop and roll. That is what firefighters teach you to do if you are ever on fire.  When our emotions are passionate, powerful and positive we can all agree, we are on fire, controlled and lighting up with joy, like a fire pit.  If your emotions are anger, hate, loneliness or depressed, you know you are on a path of create chaos, a forest fire out of control.

Stop, drop and assess.  That is the best way to put out the fire of emotions.

What feelings are you having?  Positive or negative you want to stop, drop and assess.

Often our emotions are habits. If we don’t acknowledge our emotions, we can’t break unproductive emotional habits.  This enables you to focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t.

How can I move my feelings to a more positive place?

This is the good part. You can push yourself higher. Once you have learned to stop, drop and assess you can acknowledge how you really want to feel and focus on those things that allow me to feel that way. Liberating.  You gain the freedom and awareness of choice, “I don’t have to be angry, I can be happy.”  You aren’t avoiding anything, instead, you are taking 100% care of you.

You shift your emotional state by shifting your focus, sometimes the complete opposite of the negative emotion.  You are complex, you have so many positive aspects of you, your work and your life.  Appreciate what you have and appreciate who you are. Acknowledge those positive aspects that surround you and allow those positive aspects to fill your mind. Accept how amazing your life is.

Sounds whoo whoo, and Polly Anna?  I’ll challenge you.

Are you embracing a belief, conviction that is making you feel negative? If so, your leadership effectiveness is being impacted. Please read and apply this blog post. What I have just shared with you is power. Your emotional state is your power.  Your productivity will increase, the people will notice a shift in your and you will impact, influence and inspire them to increase their output, engage with others and it all started with you.

 Great Leaders See the Good. Emotions Matter to Great Leaders

Great leaders know how to think well and feel well.

Be great




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