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Fear Speaking to Diverse Stakeholders? or Do You Just Fear Speaking?

Leaders who are petrified to speak publicly lack the ability to influence,  impact or inspire others.

When leaders fear speaking in public  their ability to speak powerfully and influentially holds them back.  Sometimes they are fearful because they are speaking to  groups that they don’t know or connect with, yet to lead and inspire they must speak to diverse groups. The thoughts: “Am I relatable? Am I relevant? Why me, why now? ”

Hearing “let your voice be heard, ” won’t cut it. When you avoid speaking that advice will not help you reach your goals

Many of our clients have spoken to groups throughout their careers. They did well, however, what worked then may not work now. At this point in their career many are at a higher level and are speaking to a large assortment of groups. The expectations are to have greater impact, influence and inspire others to action.  This can trigger their fears.

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When I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians who must have the ability to have impact, influence and be able to inspire others,  I find that these are some of the most common fears:

How do we begin to overcome the fear of speaking?  The key is to:

1. Connect to your why

2. Use tactics and strategies

3. Build trust.

(1) Connect to your why: Focus on your why. Why do you want to lead? Why do you want to run for office? Why do you want to make a difference? Why did you choose to do what you are doing? Often when you connect with your why, you are open to learn techniques and move past your fear to be of service.

(2) Provide Tactics and Strategies – Many people we work with come from  tactical and strategic backgrounds, but not necessarily strong emotional intelligence. You may love tactics and strategies. Did you know that presentation skills have many tactics and strategies that you can utilize when presenting? How to use the microphone, work the stage, construct your presentation and use your body.  When you know the strategies and use your skills, you learn to convey the confidence, clarity and influence you want to exude.

(3) Build trust and confidence: It is critical for you to build trust  within yourself. By using and practicing the strategies and skills you have learned you are more comfortable and confident. Once you trust yourself you can go deeper to help  create emotional connections. Keep the process moving with ease and grace allowing you to gain trust.

Reduce your fear of speaking by:

1. Connecting with your why

2. Learning the tactics and strategies

3. Building confidence and trust yourself through practice


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You feel the fire and are ready to launch you just need clarity.  Get ready to make a leap. You can be more, have more and influence more. Be able to leverage your abilities and harness your internal power so you get where you want to go.


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