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Own That You Are A Female Change Agent

The BIG lesson as we grow up is that ‘change is necessary and not easy’.  Change in our business, our bodies and our circumstances is going to happen whether you want it or not. Time to be a Change Agent in your life.  Own that you are a female change agent

Change can be liberating. Change can be daunting. Change can be whatever you attach to it.  How you manage change and how you take responsibility for it makes all the difference in the world.

The results of  change in your life depends 100% on how you think about it and how you embrace it or resist it.

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As women, how we think about change and our future impacts the results we receive in our life.  As leaders we can influence outcomes and how others react to change by how we think about the change. We push from within our perspective which influences others.

We have all been in a position where we have influenced the emotional state of the room by our actions, reactions and influence.  We have done it at home, done it at work and done it with our relationships.

Sometimes the influence we had was not in our highest interest, many times it was haphazard, not positive and not with an expression of positive increase for all.

At times our influence was self centered and from a place of feeling victimized, angry or alone.  Temper tantrums, diva moments and being the drama queen influenced how people reacted to us, thought about us and we have to own up that we really infected the energy of the room.  We can all agree that we have experienced how a drama queen or temper temptress infected what could have been a great time.

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I know because I was all of the above. I didn’t know there was another way. I grew up in a chaotic world surrounded by alcoholics, drug abusers and anger.  I could have become a drug addict and prostitute like my sister. I didn’t. I made different choices, gratefully. It wasn’t until my late teens and in my twenties that I embraced and began studying the techniques below.  They not only saved my life, they transformed my teams, the businesses I led and to this day they guide me, grow me and are a gift to me.

Most reading this learned that “what you think is what you get” and hopefully you are embracing that knowledge. You have learned that you are in control of what you think. If you are on unsteady legs I’m here to help.

Here are three ways that you can practice, build your power-control-thought mind muscle and be a powerfully, dynamic, positive thinker. The more powerfully you think about you and your life the more positive, powerful influence you have.

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1. Daily write create two lists.Diamond.2

List A contains everything you are grateful for,  I  mean every little, itty, bitty person, place, thing and situation inyour life.  List B has everything you accomplished or did yesterday.  All the things that you did, everything. I love writing the word YAY! after my action step. Hey if I don’t cheer me on I can’t expect anyone else to either.


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2.  Review Your Life Album With The Life You Choose to Create

Since I was 25 I have created a life album. It is filled with pictures, statements and word that reflect who I chose to be, what I chose to have and how I wanted to live.  I imagined it all and cut out pictures, words, ideas and statements that showed the life I wanted.  It has worked for me in unbelievable ways. It will work for you.  I now have to BIG science project foam boards in my office with pictures and words of the trips I choose to take, the life I choose to have, the marriage I choose to experience.  I get to create my life, I get to decide and I get to be in control.  The same goes for you.

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 3. Invest and Surround Yourself with Positive Messages

My girlfriends and I devour books and audios on positive mental attitude, prosperity and think rich, think health, think success books. We read leadership books, positive relationship books, empowering books to be stronger, wiser, healthier, more effective in our life. Then we discuss the books. the audios, and the lessons learned.

We invest time in our growth.  We invest in coaches. They invest in me and I’ve used theTeam Pegiine TVir services.  We spend money on our growth.

Check out my motivational leadership advice videos for women on YouTube.

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You have the power and ability to control your mind and become a  powerful change agent.

You are well equipped to take charge and be your highest, best self.

 When you take action and do everything I suggested then everything around you changes and expands. Your                influence transforms the energy in the room, in your life and your work.

Be a female change agent. We need you.

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If you really want to be who you are determined to be and make the money you want and have the influence in the world that you know you were born to have then you might want to spend time with me.

Check out my coaching program for discovering and applying your magnificence, prosperity and power to influence your outcomes.  Click  The Sign Up Button for info and of course to sign up.   🙂Sign up icon


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