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How To Convince Others To Align with You

To sell your ideas you  need to convince others that your vision is valuable and worthy and they should be aligned with you. It is really important for your business and for your career. Overcome the fear of approaching others and ask.
Pegine Keynote Speaker Leadership Business SpeakerReally, isn’t convincing others, the same thing as sales? Did you just say “I hate sales”. Well, the truth of the matter is sales is a part of your life.
You are always selling your ideas, you are always convincing your family to do something. You are trying to get your friends to follow ysuggestion and go to the restaurant that you want to go to.
This is sales, this is what we do on a daily basis. People get stuck when they attach too much to the outcome, when they imagine failure and when they freak themselves out and sound desperate. Here are three concepts that you can use to overcome your fear, convince others and take action.

 Non-attachment is key to convincing others

When something is really important to you, you want to convince others. This can cause you to put too much attachment to the outcome. When we put too much attachment to the outcome we can end up losing sight of what is happening at that very moment. You will find yourself wanting to force others to do what you want, because you think your way is the absolute best way. That may be true, but the truth of the matter is you don’t know that for sure.
Nobody can predict the future You may think your way is the right way, but you don’t know for sure.  Recognizing that provides you the opportunity to do three things:
  1. Be vulnerable
  2. Have confidence in yourself 
  3. Be clear why it will work out as you think it will
Give yourself space. Know what you want but do not be attached to it. Don’t define the outcome as a message about who you are or what you are capable of. Know what you want, own your point of view and share it with others.  Just don’t be emotionally attached to the outcome.

See the success, so you can convince others

Fear arises when you see yourself failing, you see what can go wrong. if you take that same energy and shift it so that you see your success, your fears will diminish. By spending quiet time and visualizing what success  would look when people agree with you and how will you feel when people say yes, you put energy into seeing your success  the fears and the failures go away.

Have fun, be enthusiastic and happy so you can convince others Pegine Leadership Business Speaker

This is a game of life, it is part of life.  Listen to uplifting music to increase your energy. Plan out why what you want to happen is fantastic, awesome and great for all.  People are attracted to passion, joy and infectious enthusiasm. If you want people to follow and buy into your message make it easy. Do whatever you need to do to feel amazing and happy, it makes a difference.

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