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Inspire Your Employees

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You Can Inspire Your Employees

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Here are six ways that you can make sure that you are inspiring your employees


1. Preparation

When you are preparing to speak to your team, think about a time when overcome a difficult moment in your career. Think about what you were feeling,  what you were doing, and what you saying to yourself during that time.  Go through the scenario.  Think of the details and how you felt after you succeeded.  Share the details with your team. You faced a challenge, in the middle of it this is what was going through your head, then you shifted your perspective and this result.  Let them know that they too will overcome the challenge, they too can succeed. Most of all let them know you believe in them. 

2. Get Focused On Results

Be clear. After the speech what you want your employees to think or do. The more specific you are the better the outcome. Be clear and use that as an opening statement.  This is what I want you to do after this presentation, this is the process I have used, These are the details, now go an do what I asked of you in the beginning. I want you to think this way or do this. Be focused and clear.

3.  Be the Hero

To inspire people you always have to have a hero who faced a challenge and that they’ve overcome and then they won. This is why we all like the movies. That is why your story is really important.  Think of family members that you admire, what is their story? Is there a boss that you worked with that inspired you? Share that story.  Then show them how your story aligns with their challenges now and how they too will overcome and win, this is key.

4. Be Energetic

Get pumped up before you speak.   Shake your hands a lot,  stamp your feet,  get your energy up.  When you do it releases your tension and makes you have a passionate presence. 

5. Find the Love

Really! Find, within you, the love that you have for your team.  Take the time to gain belief in their abilities.  Get clear that they can do this.  When you know and feel that way, then it becomes much easier to communicate the message and the mission to them so that they walk away inspired.

6. Have Fun!

Inspiration comes from feeling connected feeling joyous having hope and believing that you can when they see you smiling when they see you enjoying the process when they see you having fun it is magnetizing it is exciting and you become who they need to be. Have fun.

Joey at Walmart a manager really, really loves his team!


You Can Inspire Your Employees

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Pegine makes leaders great! A leadership speaker, women in business speaker, motivational speaker, and author. Pegine’s energy, experience, tell it like it keynotes provide real deal strategies, tips, and techniques to have impact, influence and be able to inspire others. She pushes, prods and provokes the audience to get out of their comfort zone and lead using humor and comedy. Pegine has spoken to over 20,000 military officers, and hundreds of thousands of leaders worldwide and over a million people.   Clients include ten percent of the Fortune 500 global corporations, twelve percent of Direct Selling News 2016 North American Top 50 and all branches of the US military.  Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame speaker. Award-winning author. Her book “Sometimes You Have to Kick Your Own Butt” was named the top ten book for women four years in a row by Society of Human Resource Management. Clorox and General Motors have both hired Pegine as their spokesperson to inspire women to be great leaders. She is one of 8 women in the 58-member Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, one of 3 inducted into the Hispanic Speakers Hall of Fame. Her company was named the #3 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in North Florida by the Business Journal and she was named by Macy’s, Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as one of 3 minority women in the nation who rock in business. The award is called “WBEs Who Rock”. She was the first and Latina in the Million Dollar Speakers Group of the National Speakers Association. She has been featured in the NYT, Wall Street Journal, Newsday and Latina Magazine among others.

Pegine is the author of ‘Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt,’ ‘Bragging Rights: Transform Your Team in 21 Days,’ ‘I’ve Got the Power To Lead & Think Big,’ and ’50 Success Secrets of Feisty, Focused, Fearless, Fun Female Leaders.’

She is Magical and an Experience, That is What Her Audiences Say

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Here is how she does it:


Participants receive actionable content. Techniques and strategies that they use immediately and long after the event is over


Participants are enthused Pegine engages attendees with her charisma before the event. She meets people where they are sitting. It is part of her process. She gets there early and then interacts welcoming participants and being interested in them. She is magnetic.


Pegine provides engagement opportunities for audiences to connect and build camaraderie amongst each other by creating lasting memories. Pairs, small group, large group processes that are relevant and meaningful.


Pegine utilizes chants and cadences to imprint key points in her audience’s mind, so they can recall and use them later.  Think of a jingle that you can’t get out of your mind that is what her chants do to audiences


Audiences utilize the processes and systems taught long after a Pegine Experience. This is a verified and quantified statement


Participants laugh. Pegine uses humor, stories and is amazing at incorporating your culture, your unique message into her message. She uses clean, often self-deprecating humor that people laugh at because they relate to her.



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