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Know the Ending Before You Begin

Know the ending before you begin.

Business and leadership is NOT like reading a relaxing mystery.  You may be on vacation, sitting near the pool, reading and get lost in the story. You let it go and know the story will evolve.

Building a business and leading an organization is similar to the path of the writer.  You know the end result of the story. You know what the end looks like. You define it, feel it and go after it. You may not know the twist and turns of how you will get there, but you know you will get there. The author knows the end result, they know how the story ends for the main character. They created the end when they started.

Your journey leads somewhere.  To be successful in business, leadership and sales your journey must lead to somewhere, some end point. Only you can decide what that is.

Following your yellow brick road requires your spending time embracing the end point.  You, and only you, can decide what feelings, thoughts, experiences you will have when you get there. You have to decide, know and embrace that image.

The road is rarely smooth, sometimes the road gets hidden by overgrown brush and other times your foot may twist on the cobblestone. Keep on.

yellow painted cobblestone pavement

Other times the road is so beautiful you want to get off and stay there. It’s good enough, right here.


Keep on keeping on the best is yet to come.

Embrace, live, love the result the before you get there.


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