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Leaders Take Charge of Tyrants, Teasers, and Turncoats

Leaders take charge to deal with the Tyrants, Teasers, and Turncoats. They are management at its worst.

Tyrants, Teasers, and Turncoats.

The last few days my office has received frustrated calls from senior management from three different organizations about difficult managers who are hurting productivity, employee engagement and causing EEO issues.

There is a difference between being a feisty, fearless, focused, fun leader and a tyrant, tease and turncoat.

In all cases, the leadership took action after people left, complained or when they were sued. When leaders take charge engagement increases, bad apples are removed and productivity increases because of a calm, stress-free, supportive environment immediately occurs.


Tyrants scream, abuse, ridicule others in public, intimidate and create a workplace environment of fear, frustration, and sabotage.  Not only do they intimidate their employees — they intimidate their leaders.  Tyrants may be experts in their fields, however, this is the perfect time to rein them in and give them a choice – change or leave.  Leaders fear them because they ‘might’ sue the company.  It’s funny how they don’t fear the employees of the tyrant.


Leaders Take Charge:

It is time for the leadership team to be fearless and focused on outcomes – increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement and ownership of the environment.


Teasers want everyone to like them. Teasers know that they have no power to give promotions or raises and what they really want is power. They like the way it feels to have an employee excited or feel great because of what they can do for others. Teasers dangle promises in front of people without any intention of following through because they can’t, but hey, so what, the employees don’t know that.  She usually starts with “If you do this, I’ll do that….” or “you are so GOOOOOD, I will get a raise for you.” Sooner or later people figure out that the Teaser can’t follow through. Good people may start leaving the company out of frustration over thoughts that the company’ lied to them, when in, fact, it was the Teaser. Senior leaders are kept in the dark. People may not share the truth in their exit interview; because people often feel senior management ‘should know’.

Leaders Take Charge:

Here is how you as the leader can know.


Turncoats are defined in Webster’s online dictionary as “A disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc.” in this case a disloyal person who betrays his employees/team. While a manager is responsible for implementing policies, achieving goals defined by senior management and accomplishing it all profitably and cost effectively, the successful manager does this with the support of his employees and team.  Like a great salesperson, a great manager is someone employees know, like and trust. They know what she stands for, her principles and her vision for the group. Generally, they like the manager appreciating her strengths and aptitude, they trust the manager to do the right thing and ensure that employees have the tools and knowledge to complete tasks efficiently.

The turncoat is out for one thing only, them self. She is willing to leave the team in the dust when she sees an opportunity that requires a complete shift in philosophy.  Turncoats create environments of mistrust, self-serving attitudes and a cover your butt mentality among employees.  Most of all a turncoat creates low productivity, low profits, and low employee engagement. It is dangerous for a company to be swayed by a turncoat.

Leaders Take Charge:

Leaders must take notice their managers, pay attention to the environment and know when they are being played.

Tyrants, teasers, and turncoats… your time is coming, be warned, you need to change. Your leaders are watching you.

(c)2017 Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP

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  1. bala: November 22, 2020 at 4:18 am

    Very nicely written article and will be very useful for the senior management team to identify Tyrants, Teasers and Turncoats.

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