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Living Powerfully with Joy

Living with joy is a feeling that is hard to express, it is bliss, that wonderful feeling that everything just right. It is liberating and freeing and it is dependent on one question “What makes me happy?”  What makes you happy?

Be opitimistic. Joyous living comes from appreciating what you have, who you are and what you are creating for your highest, best self.

What really makes you happy?

All come to those moments when their joy, their bliss, and their essence feels oh so good.

I’ve been pondering this experience for the people I work with and the people I speak to, are you joyous? Do you feel bliss? Are you taking the time to just embrace what makes you happy?

That means you have to make your dreams and joys in your life the most important aspect of yourself.  You have to know what really makes you happy and fills your heart with glee.  Do you know what aspect of your work, volunteerism or relationships bolster your blissful, joyous feelings?

I do know that joy and bliss require courage. Courage to explore and discover yourself and connect with experiences that make you go ahhhh and give you a smile.

Getting a massage and going to a spa makes me feel that way. Before I had that experience I had no idea that I would be in a happy, joyful place, or even what that was. I had to experience a massage and going to the spa and feel the bliss. Now I say I want more of that!

Speaking on stage gives me extreme joy and bliss, deep within. It fills me with happiness and joy. When I am not on stage I miss the experience. I know that speaking makes me happy.

I love to dance and it has been a long time since I danced on a regular basis. I realize that I have to be courageous to take the leap of faith and sign up for a class. It takes courage to show up, and I know the internal struggle, the mind freaking that goes on to stop me from stepping onto the dance floor.

How about you? Do you know what makes you joyous? Life goes by really fast. How do you embrace each moment and see the joy and the bliss in each moment?  Noticing where you find joy and where you limit yourself is critical as a precursor to courageous action to find joy.  Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Be aware  In meetings, stop and notice. Yes, you are there, you are in this meeting right now. Appreciate how you got there and be grateful for it.
  2. Be playful, shift your energy Notice your energy level. Ask yourself,  “what can I do right now to raise my energy, to be more engaged?” do that and notice how everything around you changes.
  3. Call up someone and believe in them  Celebrating others, investing a phone call and giving them a power moment lifts your own power and belief in you.
  4. Ask for help  Ask for advice, ask for a tip, ask for support, ask for the business. The art of asking is liberating and increases your ability to be seen by those who can influence your career, your business and your life.
  5. Acknowledge who you are  Noticing and appreciating the nuances of yourself is a powerful way to feel joyous. We know that everyone brings gifts to the world. How often do you stop and appreciate your own facets of talents, your own treasures and your own wonderful attributes? What you focus on grows.  Joy is celebrating your own gifts.
  6. What makes you happy? Your happiness is critical to feeling and being amazing.  Until I sat down and really analyzed what makes me happy I was doing without thinking is this good for me. “Is this for my highest and best good?” Stop, think, act. Be happy.

Be optimistic.  Take the time to embrace your joy. Blissfully indulge in your awesomeness.





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