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Women’s Leadership Advice: Women Working With Men Part 2

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In the past I posted on  women working with men.  I shared two tips with my readers. I wanted to continue the discussion on my blog with this post Women’s Leadership Advice: Working With Men Part 2 and share a few more.  Over the year I will continue to post information for you to work and thrive in male dominated organizations where they really do want you to succeed and flourish. You are the best you, that is why they hired you and want to keep you.

If you are in your own business and want to scale your business  so that it grows beyond others imagination (let’s be real you have big ideas) then you have to master working with men.


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The two tips I shared on LinkedIn about women working with men were:

1. Speak at a lower octave.

2. Speak in short, direct and focused sentences and directives.


 “Speak in a lower octave” ” #WomensLeaders Working With Men”  @PegineMotivateU 


As the leading leadership marketing strategic tactician my goal is to ensure that women leaders influence prosperity, productivity, process, policy and people positively.  My team and I work with men and women in corporations, direct sales and within government agencies who want women who lead. My job is to make that happen.

As a tactician I am very good at planning tactics: the specific means of accomplishing goals. As a strategist I work with women (an men) on creating an overall strategy, a  plan to accomplish a career goal or organizational vision. Tactics are the steps taken to carry out the strategy.  I work with women leaders so that, together, we create a strategy along with specific tactics so women have greater influence, increased opportunities and flourish in all aspects of their leadership careers.

Here are two more:

3.  Focus on solutions not the problem

Be conscious of how you open your statements. “Here is the problem” “I see an issue”  “We can’t do that”.  Saying ‘NO, we can’t” is  not an option.

Women who start with problem statements can trigger resistance quickly. Men often don’t realize why they are feeling internal resistance, they do know they are resistant to you.

Have you ever met someone who reminds you of someone?  Then,  no matter how much you try,  you keep applying your feelings about the other person to this new person.  You act and react to them as though they are that other person.  It takes awhile for you to recognize your behavior,   “Oh, wow, he reminds me of the guy I didn’t like.”  Once you recognize it then you change your perspective, to finally give this person a chance to be them – not the person they reminded you of.

So who always says to kids “No, you can’t” , “No, not now“?  In many families who was the person who said “No ” a lot? Who was the person who pointed out the issues, problems?  This person may have sat and helped you work through those problems, they may they offered guidance often it happened after they presented a problem.  That person was Mom.

scolding little boy


I can delve into the discussion of bias and the psychology of mother/son relationships.  I have my Masters in Social Work and counseled more than enough people to have a deep discussion about that relationship.  I have also worked for years in diversity and inclusion and can discuss unconscious bias.   However, none of that will help you tomorrow in your meetings and presentations.   You don’t need theory and academic discussions now you need tactics and strategy.

Men, Mommy and You

Don’t give people an opportunity to place on your their ‘stuff’ or their unconscious bias on you.   You are not their mother. So don’t sound like it.


I am not your Momma@PegineMotivateU #PeginePower

Leaders inspire results. Leaders provide a vision of where they see the potential. Leaders inspire solutions.  So lead by starting your sentences with solution focused, optimistic statements.

Please note that the language is no  longer “NO” it is now “How can we”, it is winning language.  The language evokes that of a winning sports coach, or a leader in battle (in gaming or in real life).  This is important for women working with men.

4. Command and own the room.

Confidence, the art of persuasion and influence begins with your body language. You have to communicate that you have this, your are powerful and you own the room. Women working with men who are great presenters and command a room are highly valuable.

Before you present take time to breathe and release your tension.  Remind yourself that you have this.  When you enter the room walk and stand with your solar pelxus leading. The solar pelux is just above your stomach, just below the rib cage.

solar plexus

The solar pelxus is your power center. If makes your body stand tall, sends out power signals and when you lead with your solar pelxus you project confidence, power and influence.

In a room of 10 or less, and when you don’t know all the participants it is imperative that you take charge.  Walk around the table to them and introduce yourself with a firm handshake. Women working with men have to create the impression of confidence with focused intention.

Before you begin speaking, plant your feet.  Have your feet be approximately one foot apart. Face forward and plant. This is a strong signal that you own the room, this is your venue, this is your party and you have got this.


During your presentation look at each person.  If you are in a large venue then imagine the room is split in quarters.

Focus on one or two people at most sitting and listening in each quarter.  The people in the audience will feel you connecting to them. This is really important.


Command and own the room  @PegineMotivateU  #PeginePower 


Women who present powerfully are perceived as being influential, confident, powerful and a leader.  Invest in your presentation skills.  Call my office to schedule a consultation 904-280-8806.

There are many techniques that I will be sharing in future blogs about owning the room and presenting to sell your ideas, insights, issues and your platform.  This is just a starting point.




Knowing how to work with men effectively is an important skill.  The higher up you go the more male dominated teams you will find in your sphere.  If you want to close bigger deals, gain influence in your business community you have to have strong skills in relating to men.

I’ll be posting more tips in the future.  Share your thoughts about this post called Women’s Leadership Advice: Working With Men Part 2

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