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Military Millennials Train to be Great Leaders

Military Millennials Are Different

Military Millennials Are Different — Those who have signed up to serve our country now and in the coming future are Millennials. People lump all Millennials into one bucket and make assumptions of who they are. There is a subset of Millennials that you, as leaders, have to be aware of. After their military service, they will see to work for your companies, organizations, and associations.   Know who you are dealing with. The moment you see military service or prior service, shift your perspective.

Remember we are an all volunteer military.  To join the military you have to be between the ages of 17 to 34, depending on the branch. I call them #MilitaryMillenials

Here are 6 falsehoods about Millenials who join the military and are prior service (veterans).

1. Millennials are lazy.

Lazy is not an option when in the military.  Going through BootCamp and then through the continued training and assessment for physical, mental and moral behavior is ongoing throughout their career.  They are pushed, prodded, practiced and are expected to rest when the opportunity arises because around the corner they will be put into high gear fast.

#MilitaryMillenials are unique and prepared

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2. Millennials are demanding and impatient.

Military Millenials are trained to know that decisions come from above their pay grade. They learn quickly that their life will be a combination of hurry up and wait. Life is not on their timetable. They learn how to take orders and succeed on mission goals using strategy, patience and follow through.

#MilitaryMillenials are patient and receptive.

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3. Millennials need constant positive reinforcement.

ROFL Military Millenials are focused on mission success and their teams. They have two choices get the job done or pay the consequences. They get the job done.  It is up to them and they know it. They are elevated and have demands on them to be their best, their team needs to trust them.

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#MilitaryMillenials positively reinforce themselves

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4. Millennials have no respect for their elders, title or authority.

Military Millenials know rank and order. They are trained and retrained on the importance of respect. They give respect and earn respect. It is who they are.

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#MilitaryMillenials respect authority and each other

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5. Millennials avoid growing up. They fear adulthood.

Military Millenials quickly grow up with confidence.  Within a few weeks of Bootcamp, ROTC, or Officer in Training course, there they learn about how their careers are about life and death. They embrace the training because it matters.

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#MilitaryMillenials understand life and death. They grow up fast.

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6. Millennial parents are too soft.

HAHA, sorry this makes me laugh.  We are Military Millenials parents who learned to be tough, steady, proud and faithful.  You become that way the moment they ship your teen or young adult to training to serve our country. We know what we are sacrificing, our children made a choice to serve our country and you, we accept that and are proud and strong.

#MilitaryMillenials parents respect their children and proudly honor the sacrifice other parents have made. We accept the possibility.

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Honor and respect those Military Millenials who raised their hand and took the oath to serve. They knew “If not them, who? ”

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