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Mind Freaking: Selling In A Diverse Sales World

Selling to People Who Are Different Than You

Successful sales begin with being interested in the other person, identifying their needs and providing solutions to their problems.

Selling to people you don’t ‘get’ means you are working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, socioeconomic levels, disabilities, and ethnicities yet the sales process is the same.

What stops the successful selling process when selling to people who are different than you…..you… it is what goes through your head.

What can go through your head when you encounter someone different than your expectation is called a “Mind Freak” moment.

Mind Freaking

I created this concept called “Mind Freaking.” The experience of “Mind Freaking” is similar to a wave washing over your head when you are at the beach and in the ocean jumping over the waves. You are having a good time, all is well, then the surprise wave comes over you. You are spitting out water, lost your footing and at that moment you may not know exactly where you are. In a split second, you have that fear that rises because you out of your element. Most times you quickly recover and go on playing, other times it is too much and you just leave.


“Mind Freaking” is the same experience. You are prepared for your presentation. You may not know this person but you are okay because you know your product, the company and how you can help them. You are shown to the person’s office and there you encounter a “Mind Freaking” moment. You think “Oh whoa, I didn’t know?” you start thinking “What do I say? Where do I look?” in that moment you lost your footing, you feel the fear rising and you are out of your element.

Relax this is normal.

We grow up in our homes, in our neighborhoods we got comfortable in our environment and how we believed things are done. To us these experiences are normal. Then some of us went off to college or go see the world. We were introduced to new people, new situations and we expanded our experiences. We learned to communicate to different people, experience new food and we learn to be ‘cool’. We got comfortable in a new world.

Until that day when we meet someone who is very different and we start “Mind Freaking”. It is in that moment when our coolness flees.

It may be that the person who is a :

A burn victim whose face was transformed.
An amputee or someone in a wheelchair.
A person who has a glass eye and you are trying to figure out where to look.
A Hasidic Jew or Muslim woman wearing her head covering.
A Sikh man wearing a Dastar (turban)
An Army General who is a woman
A 24-year-old Billionaire CEO
Anyone who does not meet your perceived expectations of who is behind the door.
A gay or lesbian couple who are affectionate.


So how do you manage the “Mind Freak” experience in sales?

Your potential client has already picked up your “Mind Freak” vibration, they felt your “Mind Freak” moment. This isn’t the first time for them and it won’t be their last. This is especially true if they are the only one or one of a few people within your industry who is different than the norm or your expectations. So how do you recover?

Here are four tips for you to manage the mind freak moment

Increase your business. Sell in a diverse world.

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Pegine provides engagement opportunities for audiences to connect and build camaraderie amongst each other by creating lasting memories. Pairs, small group, large group processes that are relevant and meaningful.


Pegine utilizes chants and cadences to imprint key points in her audience’s mind, so they can recall and use them later. Think of a jingle that you can’t get out of your mind that is what her chants do to audiences


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Participants laugh. Pegine uses humor, stories and is amazing at incorporating your culture, your unique message into her message. She uses clean, often self-deprecating humor that people laugh at because they relate to her.



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