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Motivation Magazine Features Pegine and Her Tips for Success

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Motivation Magazine chose to feature motivational leadership speaker Pegine as their cover story. She shares her tips for success in business and life while overcoming challenges.  Click here or the image to read the article


From the article:


Memorable, inspiring and transformational, indeed. Now I am going into the interview questions.

Pegine, what motivated you to become the woman and successful entrepreneur you are today?


It started from the vision where I was supposed to be doing something good with my life and be the expert, but I didn’t know how. It took me a long time to take ownership believing “I have to do this.” Also, when I was working my last employee job, I had one more raise and I knew that if I stayed… for one more raise, that I would be held back in handcuffs. I just knew that I had to leave. I quit. I just knew that I had to be an entrepreneur. I knew I had to do this my way. I knew I had to be self made. I knew it with every ounce of my being. I will tell you that it wasn’t easy at all. But every single time that I wavered, every single time that I have a bad month or year. I might waver. Then, I would just yell at myself… not only “No!” but “Hell No!” It’s not going to happen, I am going to win, I will not give up. I also used biographies and empowerment resources to help push myself to just “Show Up!” That’s my mantra — to “Show Up!”    To continue to read the article click here 


“MOTIVATION is designed specifically to serve the Green & Growing person, professional, business, entrepreneur, teacher, coach, mentor, student, and family. MOTIVATION is not only motivational but also instructional in taking a balanced approach to motivation by offering guidance and insights into improving one’s entire life. Delivering on — What Green & Growing People Read!” says Ty Howard, CEO of InspiraGen Institute, LLC and MOTIVATION magazine’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief.

Cover story for Motivation Magazine this month is  is Pegine. She offers her tips for success in business and life and shares her story of overcoming the odds and going for gold.


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