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Nurture Your Highest Perspective of Self

Nurture your highest perspective of self. Focus all your energy on your best self. Keep mindful of your magnificence and influence.  It isn’t easy in the world of social media and public critics. It is challenging when your biggest critic is yourself.

I wish there were blinders I could give you that would prevent you from comparing you to you (your reality now with your powerful, amazing now) and you to others.

I would rather you look at you from a higher perspective filled with the adoration, appreciation and expectation.Who you already are and who you strive to be and that you are living the story you want to live.

During my Influence coaching practice, I encounter brilliant leaders sometimes struggling with the story they tell themselves over and over and getting frustrated because they really want to live another story, what they perceive is their future story.

We work on shifting their current perception of self to their highest perspective of self. There are a lot of processes and techniques to get there.

These are five recommendations all of my leaders hear from me.

1. Tell the new story not the ‘reality’ story. 

This is this is the story about why things aren’t as they want them to be. It is the story about the barrier, the excuse story, the ‘here is the proof’ story, usually validating why they aren’t where they want to be or should be.  This is old news.

This story no longer serves you. In fact, every time you tell that story, it reinforces the mindset that things aren’t the way you want them to be. It is like a worn out record and you keep attracting opportunities to tell the same story, which keeps you stuck.

You want a new story to draw people to your vision.

2. Be happy and satisfied

Look happy and satisfied with your life. Be happy and satisfied.  The techniques to have the look includes daily appreciation and gratitude lists, accolade counting (success walls, award lists), investment of time and effort in affirmatioPegine Motivational Leadership speaker www.Pegine.comns, exercise and giving appreciation to others.

Looking disappointed, angry, dissatisfied and bland does not communicate to others that you are ready for more. In fact looking reserved, expressionless, or neutral can project an image that is not in your best interest of being influential.

Noldus’s FaceReader, a sophisticated tool engineered to identify specific expressions based on a catalog of more than 10,000 images of human faces. The software, which can examine faces through a live camera, a photograph or a video clip, maps 500 points on the human face, then analyzes the image and assigns an expression based on eight basic human emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt and “neutral.”eight basic human emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt and “neutral.”  What was surprising, during their research,  was that “The neutral face”   found that it was perceived by humans as contempt. They shared that  “something in the neutral expression of the face is relaying contempt”

3. Know what you want and focus on your desirPegine keynote speaker www.Pegine.comes

This is nothing more exciting and empowering than having a destination that makes you excited. The destination makes the journey an adventure. You gain a high level of confidence. Detours and getting off the road for a bit doesn’t mean that you have given up, you are adding experiences, memories, and lessons.  Choosing the destination is a decision. That is freedom.

4. Surround yourself will joyous, like-minded people who are on their own journey Pegine Leadership and Motivational Speaker

This is a date with yourself, for yourself. Seek people who are on the same path, they have a destination and they are excited about their life too!  Go to places, seminars, ask your coach to host a meeting of the minds.  Have yourself reach out and make connections.  Join leadership groups and meet with people. It makes a huge difference.


5. Rest

I get that there are a slew of action items on your plate.  Many are critical.  Self-sacrificing is not one of them.  Remember the most powerful people in the world have schedules that are unPegine Keynote Speakerbelievable. Even they incorporate rest, sleep and quiet time to reflect. If they can rest, so can you.

We all have 24 hours, we all have an end time for our life. We all have the same needs. Rest is one of them.  From personal experience, if you don’t rest, you will be forced to rest.  Resting in a hospital is not fun.  Stop, rest daily. It will do your journey good.


Please share your thoughts below in the comments section.  What do you do to stay focused on your best self?

How do you invest in yourself so that you feel amazing and good?

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Pegine’s passion is producing extraordinary leaders in a diverse world! Pegine’s energy, experience, tell it like it keynotes provide real deal strategies, tips, and techniques to have impact, influence and be able to inspire others. She pushes, prods and provokes the audience to get out of their comfort zone and lead using humor and comedy. Pegine has spoken to over 20,000 military officers, and hundreds of thousands of leaders worldwide and over a million people. Clients include ten percent of the Fortune 500 global corporations, twelve percent of Direct Selling News 2016 North American Top 50 and all branches of the US military.


Pegine’s leadership and business blog was named 1 of the top 20 Women in Leadership Blogs. She is also an Award-winning author, her book “Sometimes You Have to Kick Your Own Butt” was named the top ten books for women four years in a row by Society of Human Resource Management.

Clorox and General Motors have both hired Pegine as their spokesperson to inspire women to be great leaders. She is one of 8 women in the 58-member Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, [with Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield], one of 3 inducted into the Hispanic Speakers Hall of Fame.

Her company was named the #3 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in North Florida by the Business Journal and she was named by Macy’s, Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as one of 3 minority women in the nation who rock in business. The award is called “WBEs Who Rock”. She was the first and Latina in the Million Dollar Speakers Group of the National Speakers Association. She has been featured in the NYT, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, and Latina Magazine among others.

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Pegine is the author of ‘Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt,’ ‘Bragging Rights: Transform Your Team in 21 Days,’ ‘I’ve Got the Power To Lead & Think Big,’ and ’50 Success Secrets of Feisty, Focused, Fearless, Fun Female Leaders.’

She is Magical and an Experience, That is What Her Audiences Say

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Here is how she does it:


Participants receive actionable content. Techniques and strategies that they use immediately and long after the event is over


Participants are enthused Pegine engages attendees with her charisma before the event. She meets people where they are sitting. It is part of her process. She gets there early and then interacts welcoming participants and being interested in them. She is magnetic.


Pegine provides engagement opportunities for audiences to connect and build camaraderie amongst each other by creating lasting memories. Pairs, small group, large group processes that are relevant and meaningful.


Pegine utilizes chants and cadences to imprint key points in her audience’s mind, so they can recall and use them later. Think of a jingle that you can’t get out of your mind that is what her chants do to audiences


Audiences utilize the processes and systems taught long after a Pegine Experience. This is a verified and quantified statement


Participants laugh. Pegine uses humor, stories and is amazing at incorporating your culture, your unique message into her message. She uses clean, often self-deprecating humor that people laugh at because they relate to her.



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