Years of Disruption, Chaos, Loneliness, Uncertainty, Sadness, Confusion, Vagueness, Loss, and Uncertainty can challenge a person's confidence and outlook!


Enough is enough! Stop the negativity! It begins with you. 


Fill Your Mind with 5-minute Positivity Messages to Uplift You, Inspire you and Transform you. 


Take Charge, Be Positive, Be Powerful, BE YOU.


Fill your mind with positivity, optimism, and enthusiasm. The Power of Pegine Positivity

Confidently Be Powerful, Be You


Imagine a message from Pegine that inspires you, uplifts you, and gives you the confidence to take on the day powerfully and authentically.

Learn to Lead, Speak, Sell and Succeed!


Pegine covers Confidence, Leadership, Business, Motivation tips, ideas, and exciting action steps to influence, impact and inspire you with her insights.

What you'll get:

  • A short powerful daily message that is encouraging, uplifting, and informative
  • A confidence boost to your mental state. Wake up world you are here!
  • Wisdom, tactics, and tools based on 30+ years of life experience and research on confidence, self-power, prosperity, leadership, and business.

A subscription that you can end at any time. No questions asked.

Examples of Inspiration Ready for You

Do You Know How AWESOME You Are?

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Pegine CLUB Member Audio
{SAMPLE} of the AUDIO Expereince
  • How awesome are you?

  •  Acknowledge who you are.

  •  Why declaring” I am awesome” is critically important to your day

  •  An interactive experience to ensure you take action

  •  Recognize the truth of who you are


Prosperity Begins with Pennies and YES it grows on trees!

  • Prosperity transformations. Change your thinking
  • The prosperity of trees
  • Penny magic and allowing prosperity into your life. 
  • Look for the prosperity in your life.
  • Luck is manifesting for you.

Becoming Worthy Is an Investment In You

  • Why investing in your is a top priority
  • Learn how to speak to yourself positively
  • Why the great fighter Muhammad Ali declared "I am the Greatest"
  • Why investing in you matters.

You Can't Get There from Here

  • Get there by centering and knowing what you want to experience
  • The power of how you think of who you choose to be.
  • The power of emotions of belief, faith and decision.
  • Who do you want to be?
  • The how comes when you do these steps.