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Rejected! Rejection Doesn’t Mean Failure.

Rejection doesn’t mean failure.


Rejection provides you with 4 ways to successfully embrace your strengths.

Often rejection doesn’t mean rejection either.  You may perceive it as rejection, yet it isn’t really. Often it just a “maybe, just a not now” or a message of “YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!! MOVE ON

Make sure you are hearing what is being said correctly and not layering words on top of their message.

There are several techniques to assess a rejection so you use it to propel yourself to success.

How you respond, how you relate to the rejection and how you use the rejection for your highest good will make a world of difference to your career and move you from a failure mindset to a success and champion mindset.


They rejected your idea or proposal. Remember rejection doesn’t mean failure.

  1. Lack of clarity of what they wanted

A client can reject your idea, your pitch or your work it is in congruent with the vision that they have in their mind of what they want.   You may think you understood what they want,  often they think they know what they want, yet when they see your idea or pitch and those of others they realize “Oh, that is so not what I imagined I wanted”  They will go back to the drawing board and do further analysis of what they want.  You will never know this happened. You only get a rejection notice.

 It had nothing to do with you. It had to do with their lack of clarity of what they wanted

     2. Your idea didn’t fit in with their vision

This has nothing to do with you. They had a vision and a concept. They knew what they were looking for and used metrics and gut feelings to decide if the submitted concepts fit into their vision.

It had nothing to do with you. It is their responsibility to choose according to their vision and mission. 

   3. Their system wasn’t followed. 

You may have a great idea and you chose to present it in your way, not theirs.  You both won. You were independent and decided to express your idea your way.  On the other side they have a system to analyze what is being pitched and how it is being pitched.  If they have rigorous clear steps, you have to play by their rules.  You will learn, it is a lesson and a great one to experience.  If you are in business there is a way to play and to not be a player.

Getting rejected forces you to learn how to play the game. This is good. 

Rejected by someone. Remember rejection doesn’t mean failure.

  1. When a person steps back, or doesn’t respond to you in the way you were hoping, be grateful.  You are projecting a powerful message that you aren’t owning. Your energy and aura is paving a path for you and the other person just doesn’t fit your future. Be grateful. Also be aware of the strong message you are sending out. There is power in your energy and in some way you just said “You are not right for me, I am ready for  someone more in tune with me.”  THIS IS POWERFUL!

Accept the message that you are on the path of discovery, gaining clarity of what is in your best interest.

Why rejection doesn’t mean failure? 

Failures don’t take action.

Successful people act.

Only successes are rejected because they take action.

Through rejection you learn how strong you are, you build a strong backbone, you become powerful.

Rejection says.

  1. You are willing to step up and share your ideas, creations and insights. You don’t hold back.
  2. You are willing to look for ways to improve. You don’t run away, instead you stepped into the limelight and are willing to learn.
  3. You willingly accepted your rebellion and decided to learn how to take action so you win. You keep going at it until you win.
  4. You willing take risks in relationships. Opening yourself, being authentic and vulnerable so you can fine tune what is important to you, what makes you happy, what you need to be satisfied.  THIS IS POWERFUL.



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