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Take a Risk For Your Career & Life

Having passion and purpose,  requires that you take a R.I.S.K for your career and life.  I had the chance to speak to 130 people on taking risks this past week. Here are some of the points I shared.

This is your career and your success, this is your life. Personal and professional development includes embracing your passion and your purpose. However, to truly reap rewards you have to be willing to take a R.I.S.K. Here is a PDF of the slides called Take A Risk for your life & Career

1.Choice.Passion Purpose Risk

You always have choice. However, it is up to you. It is your call to ensure that your choice is aligned with your passion and purpose.



2.PassionYou passion comes from you, defining for you, your WHY. 

Why are you excited to do what you do? Why does your sense of excitement, energy and  enthusiasm grow in intensity?  WHY?

Know that and you are a very rich person. Don’t know that yet? Then search within, have different experiences and find your WHY.


Who are you serving?

Who do you love serving?  Who do you want to be in a relationship with? What kind of people? What situations do you want to be in so you can serve?



Will you take the RISK?


Once you know your why and your who,  will you be a super person and take the needed risks to be 100% you?


5.RISK Stands For


What are the risks?

The RISKS are relationships, investing in your growth, saying yes to opportunities and kicking yourself up a notch.



Relationships matter.6.Relationship.RISK 

Sometimes we cling to our families and long term friends without exploring new and different people. You have to be willing to develop relationships outside of your family.

Be on a self discovery tour and build a positive, loving relationship with yourself. You are to be your biggest cheerleader, your best friend and your own adviser. Take the time to learn the lessons you know, the beliefs you have to change and the shifts you have to make within so that you can thrive.

Volunteer and serve in your industry and subsets within your industry. Build relationships with the leaders, members and potential members of your industry, be a mentor and find a mentor.


7.Investing.RiskYou have to know the world at large and your country. Get in the car,  train, or plane and go explore the world. Learn about people, expand your network .

Expand your mind.  You have to read and study. From classics like Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to one of my books “Kick Your Own Butt” read, learn and grow.

8.Say Yes


Get ready, get set, now puke. Yes, I said puke.  You have to get uncomfortable. Growing and stretching and seeking requires that you be uncomfortable and face the fear while taking action anyway.  Everything is just out of your reach. Everything you want requires you to let go and have faith.  It is a requirement, just accept it as so and take action.


9.Kick Up A notch

Extend your hand higher, reach higher and seek to look over the wall. To do that you will need to meet and seek people who have achieved what you want to achieve. People who have a lifestyle similar to the one you want.

Create a new life by hanging out with people who live the life. If you don’t know them now, at minimum hang out with people who want to succeed. People who are just as driven as you.

Dress like them, at least try the clothes on, see how they feel. At first it may seem awkward, keep trying them on. What you are attracted to is also attracted to you.
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