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Show up, the best business decision you can make.


“Who wants a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill?” shared the speaker from the stage.   You can hear crickets, after five seconds still no one was running up to the stage after ten seconds you saw some brave soul run up and ask for the money.

Maybe you have been in a conference and saw a speaker do this.  Of course, the point is that you have to step up and take what is being offered.

Have you ever heard the saying, “the early worm gets the worm”? The saying is a proverb to teach people that they need to act early or right now to be successful.  Woody Allen shares that Showing up is 80 percent of life.

Too many times I’ve seen possibilities vanish for people because they didn’t show up. I don’t know the reason, but they didn’t show up at critical times that would have changed their careers, business and lives.  I am okay with that. I usually show up when others don’t. I’ve received an opportunity because others didn’t show up, there was no competition because there was no competitor.

When I started my career in sales in Manhattan, I began as a receptionist. I wanted to be a salesperson. Every morning I would arrive early at the office because I wanted to help Tony, the top salesperson in the office. He used to say “the early bird gets the worm”.He was there early every morning. Every morning he would review his client meetings and prepare the samples he was going to show the client. He would spread the samples on the table and practice how he would introduce each piece of clothing. He would make the whole presentation into a performance that always ended with a beautifully designed table with all the samples.  He taught me how to present the garments so they were perceived as valuable. He showed me how to engage, entice and involve the client in the experience. He was a master.

One day Tony didn’t arrive at the office. There was a BIG meeting going on that morning with a very important client, one of Tony’s major clients. Tony would never miss this meeting.  He had prepared everything and I had helped him. He practiced (and I, in secret, also practiced). That day being the early bird paid off for me.  Poor Tony had been in a car accident and wasn’t going to make it in (he was fine, bruised and battered but fine).  He told the President that he wanted me to do the presentation. That I was prepared. He told the president that she always shows up.

I showed up, presented and closed a nice deal for Tony.  I was made salesperson.

You have to show up. You have to be prepared. Motivational leadership business keynote speaker 904.280.8806



Remember the prepared early bird gets the worm.

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