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Speak Powerfully to Impact, Influence and Inspire Others – Your Story

Leaders who want to speak powerfully to have impact, influence and inspire other must strive to speak from their most authentic self.

Speak Powerfully

Leaders who speak powerfully include stories. Relevant stories, from your own experience are the most powerful stories to share. Culture, community, values and clarity of vision come from stories.

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To craft a great story you have to know yourself.

You have to review who you are and how you got to this level. You are always the hero in your story. You have overcame something, stayed focused and eventually won.  This is your story.

Your business stories summarize your message of how you achieved this quarter’s goal, or how you learned to fight through  rough sales as are powerful, inspiring stories for others and for those who are  facing their next challenge or opportunity.

It takes quiet time for reflection to capture these stories.  Here is a guide to discover your story.

  1. Define the point. “I want to inspire others to meet goals”  “I want to talk about the positive effects of change” “I want to show that learning new skills is valuable”
  2. You will need at least 15 minutes of quiet – no interruptions Leadership Keynote Speaker Pegine www.Pegine.com 904.280.8806
  3. Focus on the key words. Goals, change, or learning  new skills
  4. Think of a time when you achieved a goal, dealt with change or learned a new skill
  5. Write it down the event and the time
  6. Answer these questions about that moment:
    1. What was your position.
    2. Who were you with
    3. What were you thinking or feeling before, during and after.  The key is to slow down and recreate the experience in every way.
    4. What were you wearing during the experience, what did the room look like, what did you see, smell, hear and say, really recreate the experience.
  7. Write the details down.
  8. Now, instead of scripting the story, relive the story in your own words. Practice telling the story exactly as you experienced it.  You emotion, passion and body language will begin to emerge as you share.

Remember a relevant, authentic, personal story that ties back to the point you want to make is priceless. It touches people mentally, emotionally and inspires them to take action.

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@PeginePower”]A relevant, authentic, personal story that ties back to the point you want to make is priceless. [/tweetthis]

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Pegine leadership business keynote speaker www.Pegine.com 904.280.8806


About Pegine

Pegine Leadership Business Keynote Speaker 904.280.8806 www.Pegine.comPegine is one of the 58 members of the  Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and one of only 8 women (the only Latina). Other members include Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Les Brown. Her books include “Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt “and “Bragging Rights Transform Your Team in 21 Days.”

Pegine keynote speaks on leadership and business. She works with leaders to impact, influence and inspire others. Pegine goes by her first name, if it is good enough for Oprah, Shakira and Beyoncé it’s good enough for her.  Known as a tell it like it is, humorous, powerful, leadership speaker she has spoken to Generals, Admirals, CEO’S and leaders at all levels.

She is a member of the elite  C-Suite Advisors, the most trusted network of advisors to the C-Suite, is an elite group of select thought leaders, coaches, trainers, authors, speakers and content creators who service C-Suite executives and enterprise businesses.  C-Suite Network is the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders, with a focus on providing growth, development and networking opportunities for business executives with titles of vice president and above from companies with revenue of $5 million and above.

Pegine is quoted in Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times on leadership, business, women in leadership and women in business.

Her company, Team Pegine was named the #3 of the 50 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in northeast Florida. Macy’s and Minority Business Enterprise Magazine named her one of 3 women who rock in business in the US. Known for closing million dollar deals she gets the job done.

Pegine is the founder of the “Global Executive Women’s Leadership Experience”.  A leadership program utilizing professional role players to impact, influence and inspire others.


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