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Successful Women in Business and Sales Make Calls

Call People

Successful women in business and sales make calls. An action plan enables you to stay engaged in the process of calling your clients and your network.

It is easy to stay in a cocoon. It is easy to stay away from reaching out. Except when you want to succeed, then you have to reach out, call, introduce yourself, sell yourself and engage with the world. Expanding your network so you have opportunities and increasing your sales so you have profits require ONE important action.

Making calls.

Successful women in business and sales make calls.

Reaching out to people who don’t know you, or with whom you haven’t connected with for some time can create anxiety. In sales it is an imperative that professionals reach out consistently and energetically. It is also an imperative for your professional development success requires that you engage your network. Your network is your gold mine. Successful women in business and sales make calls

Having a plan of action enables you to stay fully engaged in the process of calling your clients and your network. Your weekly outreach campaign can engage you by creating a sense of purpose to your calls. As you implement the calling process you will find yourself already having in your mind a connection to the person on the other line. The more engaged you are in the process the more energy, confidence and enthusiasm you create.

Your energy, confidence and enthusiasm creates the magnetism that engages people.

Schedule your outbound cold/ warm calls by segmented themes each week (four themes a month that are repeated every month). This will keep your calls fresh and you will have 12 months of a consistent outreach. You will have a fun, organized system to keep you engaged, disciplined and focused. This isn’t just for sales professionals, this is also great plan for leaders who want to stay relevant and keep their networks fresh, growing and robust.

I research topics of relevance for each week that I can use during my conversations. By having a segmented theme, I can provide insights about that theme in my conversations For example, if you are networking and are calling college buddies, you can look up information about your college and alumni activities. When you call and face that (ugh, now what do I say moment), you have a “did you know… ” piece of insight. It takes the burden off what to talk about when engaging in small talk.

In sales it give purpose to your calls. You stay focused and on target. Here are some examples of segments for sales calls.

For sales your segmented themes can be:
1 Geographic: One week north region, one week south, one week east, one week west.
2.Target market:
3. Industry: One week insurance, one week bankers, one week mortgage brokers, one week office suppliers.

Here are some examples for networking:

1- Geographic: One week, people who work in your building, second week, people from the neighborhood, third week. people from local chapters of your professional association. The fourth week, people nationally from your professional association.

2- Affiliations: One week – College alumni Second Week ; Leadership Class Alumni Third Week: Board of directors members, Fourth Week: Volunteer memberships.

Step up, step out and make the calls. Your success depends on it. Remember successful women in business and sales make calls.


Pegine is an expert on leadership development and success for females in sales & business. Pegine’s keynote speeches, keynote presentations, breakout sessions and retreats provide hands on interactive tactics for women to sell more and gain higher visibility in their professional and business careers. Pegine overcame obstacles of low self esteem, lack of self confidence, troubled background and life’s challenges(was a gang member with a heroin addict sister and alcoholic father) to having the confidence and guts to sell million dollar deals, organize a 10,000 person high profile event for the White House, and do stand up comedy.


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