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Show Up

Show up, the best business decision you can make.


“Who wants a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill?” shared the speaker from the stage.   You can hear crickets, after five seconds still no one was running up to the stage after ten seconds you saw some brave soul run up and ask for the money.

Maybe you have been in a conference and saw a speaker do this.  Of course, the point is that you have to step up and take what is being offered.

Have you ever heard the saying, “the early worm gets the worm”? The saying is a proverb to teach people that they need to act early or right now to be successful.  Woody Allen shares that Showing up is 80 percent of life.

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Take a Risk For Your Career & Life

Having passion and purpose,  requires that you take a R.I.S.K for your career and life.  I had the chance to speak to 130 people on taking risks this past week. Here are some of the points I shared.

This is your career and your success, this is your life. Personal and professional development includes embracing your passion and your purpose. However, to truly reap rewards you have to be willing to take a R.I.S.K. Here is a PDF of the slides called Take A Risk for your life & Career

1.Choice.Passion Purpose Risk

You always have choice. However, it is up to you. It is your call to ensure that your choice is aligned with your passion and purpose.



2.PassionYou passion comes from you, defining for you, your WHY. 

Why are you excited to do what you do? Why does your sense of excitement, energy and  enthusiasm grow in intensity?  WHY?

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