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PegineTV interviews Julie Ann Sullivan, MBA – Business Culture Expert

PegineTV interviews Julie Ann Sullivan, MBA – Business Culture Expert, author of “BluePrint for Employee Engagement” Founder of MereMortalsUnite.com Podcast and TheBusinessessThatCarePodcast.Com

Learn her tips and insights on employee engagement


Julie Ann is author of


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Inspire Your Employees

Don’t Freak Out!

You Can Inspire Your Employees

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Here are six ways that you can make sure that you are inspiring your employees


1. Preparation

When you are preparing to speak to your team, think about a time when overcome a difficult moment in your career. Think about what you were feeling,  what you were doing, and what you saying to yourself during that time.  Go through the scenario.  Think of the details and how you felt after you succeeded.  Share the details with your team. You faced a challenge, in the middle of it this is what was going through your head, then you shifted your perspective and this result.  Let them know that they too will overcome the challenge, they too can succeed. Most of all let them know you believe in them. 

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