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Know the Ending Before You Begin

Know the ending before you begin.

Business and leadership is NOT like reading a relaxing mystery.  You may be on vacation, sitting near the pool, reading and get lost in the story. You let it go and know the story will evolve.

Building a business and leading an organization is similar to the path of the writer.  You know the end result of the story. You know what the end looks like. You define it, feel it and go after it. You may not know the twist and turns of how you will get there, but you know you will get there. The author knows the end result, they know how the story ends for the main character. They created the end when they started.

Your journey leads somewhere.  To be successful in business, leadership and sales your journey must lead to somewhere, some end point. Only you can decide what that is.

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7 Business Profits Tips “Get What You Give”

7 Business profits truths regarding the statement  “What you give is what you get.”

1. In negotiation if you are looking for a deal, expect people to look for deals from you.


2. If you value yourself and your work, others will do the same.

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Time to Validate Others and Affirm Ourselves

It is time to validate others and affirm ourselves.

Success, leadership and power come from taking actions that are simple, easy and free.  Great leaders do this and great successes take these two action steps. Powerful and influential leaders take these actions too!  You can easily take action.

You don’t need a title, or be rich, or have fame. You can be an influential leader by taking these action steps.



Validating Others

Validating another is a gift we give to them. Giving validation to another is a way to say “I noticed the good of what img-communicate-your-valueyou did“, “I noticed your smile, your energy, your insights and your smarts.

Any one of these statements impacts and influences the person who receives your words.

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Women With Kick Butt Leadership Skills Challenged Themselves

Women who move up rank have grown themselves, they built their mental toughness, own their purpose and determination.

Often women’s leadership development conferences share stories and give advice without practical practice application.  The inspirational female wants more, yearns for more. She wants to be prepared for the experiences she will encounter. She doesn’t want to blow it, this is her career.  She wants to get out of her own way and not sabotage what she worked so hard for attain. She knows  one mistake can blow an opportunity and she doesn’t want to blow it, now or ever.

Women of today want to practice, prepare and know how they can improve themselves through practice, through engagement, through risky experiences that make them face their own fears, their own constraints and push them higher – without damaging real opportunities and they want those experiences NOW!

Yet, Women with kick butt leadership skills challenged themselves by enrolling in real life exercises where they can experience challenges and  built confidence

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7 Ways to Inspire Your Team Members To OWN The Vision

7 ways to own vision

Do your team members OWN the vision you have for your team? Do they even know it?


As the leader of your team, whether you have one team member or thousands, it is your responsibility to communicate your vision on an ongoing bases through a variety of communication vehicles. You have the responsiblity to inspire your team members

You may get tired speaking about it. They have to hear it from you over and over again.  This is so important to the effectiveness of your team. It is what engages them.

It is your responsibility to communicate your vision on an ongoing bases using these 7 ways. There are two vehicles – verbal communication and written communication you can use to inspire your team members.

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