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50 Success Secrets For Women In Business Ebook


You are a powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful female.

Here are 50 success secrets for women in business, leadership and who have influence (or want it.  I am surrounded by the most amazing and powerful women who are self made women. Over time I’ve culled some of their and my own insights for you.

Here is your copy  50_Secrets_of_Fiesty_Females.


Pegine (pronounced Peg-een). Pegine is CEO of the #3 2013 fastest growing 50 privately owned companies in North Florida. Pegine is one of 58 inductees into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame along with Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins – she is one of eight women and the only Latina. Her clients are Fortune 500 Global corporations and powerful female leaders. She speaks to female leaders worldwide and those that want to market, reach and engage women leaders. Pegine coaches global female leaders, female politicians, women corporate board directors and women who run multimillion dollars businesses. Just like you they work, have families, volunteer and feel like imposters, are confidence challenged and juggling life. They all want to have presence, be powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful. She goes by her first name only. If its good enough for Cher and Beyoncé it’s good enough for her.

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Women’s Leadership Advice For Women Working With Men


C)2015 Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP

Years ago I knew I had to gain a critical skill. I had to be great at this skill or else I would never be able to succeed in my world. The skill? Knowing how to work with men. Not just knowing, but learning how to be the most effective communicator with men I could be. I had to learn how to inspire, motivate, delegate, lead and be led by men. I knew that I had to gain this skill so that we were all on the same team, moving towards success.

My goal was to be respected, supported and to engage with men in a way that our strengths unified for mission success. I wanted to deliver a message with such clarity, that men understood that I heard them and respected who they were, and in turn I was respected, heard and understood.

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Own That You Are A Female Change Agent

The BIG lesson as we grow up is that ‘change is necessary and not easy’.  Change in our business, our bodies and our circumstances is going to happen whether you want it or not. Time to be a Change Agent in your life.  Own that you are a female change agent

Change can be liberating. Change can be daunting. Change can be whatever you attach to it.  How you manage change and how you take responsibility for it makes all the difference in the world.

The results of  change in your life depends 100% on how you think about it and how you embrace it or resist it.

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As women, how we think about change and our future impacts the results we receive in our life.  As leaders we can influence outcomes and how others react to change by how we think about the change. We push from within our perspective which influences others.

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Women #BeAnEarthquake Shake Up The World. Be Great!

Earthquake.female hand

 I believe that you are all amazing and have the ability to create earthquakes if you would only allow yourself to do five things.


“Let’s shake up the world and our lives for greatness!” @PegineMotivateU #PeginePower #BeAnEarthquake

Five steps that will shake up your world,  have you exude confidence and create earthquakes of influence.

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