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Mind Freaking: Selling In A Diverse Sales World

Selling to People Who Are Different Than You

Successful sales begin with being interested in the other person, identifying their needs and providing solutions to their problems.

Selling to people you don’t ‘get’ means you are working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, socioeconomic levels, disabilities, and ethnicities yet the sales process is the same.

What stops the successful selling process when selling to people who are different than you…… it is what goes through your head.

What can go through your head when you encounter someone different than your expectation is called a “Mind Freak” moment.

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Show Up

Show up, the best business decision you can make.


“Who wants a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill?” shared the speaker from the stage.   You can hear crickets, after five seconds still no one was running up to the stage after ten seconds you saw some brave soul run up and ask for the money.

Maybe you have been in a conference and saw a speaker do this.  Of course, the point is that you have to step up and take what is being offered.

Have you ever heard the saying, “the early worm gets the worm”? The saying is a proverb to teach people that they need to act early or right now to be successful.  Woody Allen shares that Showing up is 80 percent of life.

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Rejected! Rejection Doesn’t Mean Failure.

Rejection doesn’t mean failure.


Rejection provides you with 4 ways to successfully embrace your strengths.

Often rejection doesn’t mean rejection either.  You may perceive it as rejection, yet it isn’t really. Often it just a “maybe, just a not now” or a message of “YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!! MOVE ON

Make sure you are hearing what is being said correctly and not layering words on top of their message.

There are several techniques to assess a rejection so you use it to propel yourself to success.

How you respond, how you relate to the rejection and how you use the rejection for your highest good will make a world of difference to your career and move you from a failure mindset to a success and champion mindset.


They rejected your idea or proposal. Remember rejection doesn’t mean failure.

  1. Lack of clarity of what they wanted

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Add Value Expose Yourself to New Markets & Ideas

Add Value New Ideas and markets

You add value by increasing your knowledge and experiences when you, as a leader & salesperson, expose yourself to new markets, people and ideas.

Expand your business, sales and leadership by playing in different markets.

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4 Answers to Get Out of Your Way & Be Great

Business people, leaders and sales professionals have to constantly move out of their way so they can have the momentum, drive and success they want to have.

There are four questions you can ask yourself to ensure that 1 – you get out of your way and 2- know that you are that good.  Your answers will drive how fast you to get out of your way & be great.

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Successful Women in Business and Sales Make Calls

Call People

Successful women in business and sales make calls. An action plan enables you to stay engaged in the process of calling your clients and your network.

It is easy to stay in a cocoon. It is easy to stay away from reaching out. Except when you want to succeed, then you have to reach out, call, introduce yourself, sell yourself and engage with the world. Expanding your network so you have opportunities and increasing your sales so you have profits require ONE important action.

Making calls.

Successful women in business and sales make calls.

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