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Elevating Your Voice To The C-Suite

How you influence, impact and inspire others to action, especially within the C-Suite is a combination of marketing, strategy, communication and confidence.  The people I coach are leaders who must continually influence C-Suite leaders and those that have their ear.  There are key strategies you can use to elevate your voice. It takes courage and a willingness on your part to become a C Suite Influencer.

There are four key strategies that you can use now to enhance your expertise and elevate your voice. 

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Love Yourself First – All Else Will Follow

Why it’s important to love yourself before others can love you and how to boost your levels of self-respect.

Great article that I thought you would all enjoy. Read this

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50 Success Secrets For Women In Business Ebook

You are a powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful female.

Here are 50 success secrets for women in business, leadership and who have influence (or want it.  I am surrounded by the most amazing and powerful women who are self made women. Over time I’ve culled some of their and my own insights for you.

Here is your copy  50_Secrets_of_Fiesty_Females.


Pegine (pronounced Peg-een). Pegine is CEO of the #3 2013 fastest growing 50 privately owned companies in North Florida. Pegine is one of 58 inductees into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame along with Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins – she is one of eight women and the only Latina. Her clients are Fortune 500 Global corporations and powerful female leaders. She speaks to female leaders worldwide and those that want to market, reach and engage women leaders. Pegine coaches global female leaders, female politicians, women corporate board directors and women who run multimillion dollars businesses. Just like you they work, have families, volunteer and feel like imposters, are confidence challenged and juggling life. They all want to have presence, be powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful. She goes by her first name only. If its good enough for Cher and Beyoncé it’s good enough for her.

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4 Answers to Get Out of Your Way & Be Great

Business people, leaders and sales professionals have to constantly move out of their way so they can have the momentum, drive and success they want to have.

There are four questions you can ask yourself to ensure that 1 – you get out of your way and 2- know that you are that good.  Your answers will drive how fast you to get out of your way & be great.

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Do You Trust Yourself?

Are you your own champion? Are you your own best resource? You are responsible for your results, your choices and your thoughts about you.

It is so easy for me to notice others, to honor others and to cherish people. To love others, even strangers. It is easy for me to see their magnificence.

Is that true for you? Do you see others achievements, successes, actions and applaud them?

Then do you notice your internal thoughts and maybe compare them to their external displays?

Have you ever wondered how they seem so confident, focused, clear and ‘perfect’. They seem to trust, They seem to love their life.

All the while you are dealing with your fears, worries and small thinking, which makes you feel just plain lousy.

Been there, done that.

I have been, and am now, truly joyous for others and thrilled at their magnificence.

However, in the past, I noticed something was missing.  I had to face that I didn’t do that for me.

I didn’t take a BIGGER, BOLDER and more important step to trust me and love me.

And this is after I closed million dollar deals, receiving accolades from the highest branches of government and corporate clients, raising two amazing kids and appearing in some of the finest newspapers and magazines in the world.

I still struggled, I didn’t trust me or love me as I did others.

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