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Seesaw of Shame, Failure, Success at Professional Conferences

What will you think of me? That thought crosses the minds of thousands of leaders going to professional conferences.

The Seesaw of Shame, Failure, Success at Professional Conferences


Pegine Leadership Business Motivational Speaker 904.280.8806You are a few weeks out before your professional conference and I wanted to address an issue that I experience, have experienced and know others experience. The conflict within of shame, failure, and success. At your professional conference, the “How is everything?”Oh great… got this, got that, life is amazing‘ happens day in and day out.

Except in our head. The feelings of shame or failure can infect us. It is like a really huge magnifying glass focusing on what isn’t working, what hasn’t worked and the failings within.

If you go to professional conferences, no matter your leadership level, the see-saw is a natural occurrence. You see their outside presentation and compare what you see to your inside thoughts.

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Leadership Thoughts: I am ready, I am prepared

Pegine 904.280.8806 Leadership Motivational Speaker

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Take a Risk For Your Career & Life

Having passion and purpose,  requires that you take a R.I.S.K for your career and life.  I had the chance to speak to 130 people on taking risks this past week. Here are some of the points I shared.

This is your career and your success, this is your life. Personal and professional development includes embracing your passion and your purpose. However, to truly reap rewards you have to be willing to take a R.I.S.K. Here is a PDF of the slides called Take A Risk for your life & Career

1.Choice.Passion Purpose Risk

You always have choice. However, it is up to you. It is your call to ensure that your choice is aligned with your passion and purpose.



2.PassionYou passion comes from you, defining for you, your WHY. 

Why are you excited to do what you do? Why does your sense of excitement, energy and  enthusiasm grow in intensity?  WHY?

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4 Answers to Get Out of Your Way & Be Great

Business people, leaders and sales professionals have to constantly move out of their way so they can have the momentum, drive and success they want to have.

There are four questions you can ask yourself to ensure that 1 – you get out of your way and 2- know that you are that good.  Your answers will drive how fast you to get out of your way & be great.

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Successful Women in Business and Sales Make Calls

Call People

Successful women in business and sales make calls. An action plan enables you to stay engaged in the process of calling your clients and your network.

It is easy to stay in a cocoon. It is easy to stay away from reaching out. Except when you want to succeed, then you have to reach out, call, introduce yourself, sell yourself and engage with the world. Expanding your network so you have opportunities and increasing your sales so you have profits require ONE important action.

Making calls.

Successful women in business and sales make calls.

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