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50 Success Secrets For Women In Business Ebook


You are a powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful female.

Here are 50 success secrets for women in business, leadership and who have influence (or want it.  I am surrounded by the most amazing and powerful women who are self made women. Over time I’ve culled some of their and my own insights for you.

Here is your copy  50_Secrets_of_Fiesty_Females.


Pegine (pronounced Peg-een). Pegine is CEO of the #3 2013 fastest growing 50 privately owned companies in North Florida. Pegine is one of 58 inductees into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame along with Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins – she is one of eight women and the only Latina. Her clients are Fortune 500 Global corporations and powerful female leaders. She speaks to female leaders worldwide and those that want to market, reach and engage women leaders. Pegine coaches global female leaders, female politicians, women corporate board directors and women who run multimillion dollars businesses. Just like you they work, have families, volunteer and feel like imposters, are confidence challenged and juggling life. They all want to have presence, be powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful. She goes by her first name only. If its good enough for Cher and Beyoncé it’s good enough for her.

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GM’s Women’s Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

GM.Ken.Marina.2015.Women of Influence.jpg-large

Ken Barrett, Global Chief Diversity Officer for General Motors Company and Marina Shoemaker, Global Director of Director of Diversity – Women’s Initiatives have been bringing Women’s Leadership Keynote Speaker, Pegine, to address General Motors Women’s Leadership Conference for Women in Leadership and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to keynote GM’s Women’s conferences since 2014.

Pegine is a favorite speaker among GM women. “Pegine is a powerhouse, she bring real world strategies, techniques and tips women can use right now.” said Ken Barrett. Mr Barrett has utilized Pegine’s expertise when he was head of diversity for the US Navy and then Head of Diversity for the Department of Defense overseeing all diversity efforts among DoD employees and military personal within all branches of the military.

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Women’s Leadership Advice: Women Working With Men Part 2

2015.Promotion.What Men At Work

(C)2015 Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP

In the past I posted on  women working with men.  I shared two tips with my readers. I wanted to continue the discussion on my blog with this post Women’s Leadership Advice: Working With Men Part 2 and share a few more.  Over the year I will continue to post information for you to work and thrive in male dominated organizations where they really do want you to succeed and flourish. You are the best you, that is why they hired you and want to keep you.

If you are in your own business and want to scale your business  so that it grows beyond others imagination (let’s be real you have big ideas) then you have to master working with men.


Reading  ” #WomensLeaders Advice: Working With Men Part 2″   @PegineMotivateU #PeginePower 

The two tips I shared on LinkedIn about women working with men were:

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