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The Gift of Knowing

I have had a long time of knowing. A long time of knowing but not necessarily believing this was my destiny. For a long time, I kept asking for my mission and my purpose. While I had many signals that directed me, I still was not sure.

My journey has been as glorious as a winding stream traveling long distances, curving, going back, and having many switchbacks. At times my stream was a rapid river of abundance and experiences, at other times it was a little trickle, still moving but by droplets. I know I was impatient, wondering and often not appreciating where I was and how I got there.

What I’ve learned is the stream will always be flowing until the day I die, only then, maybe I will have reached my destiny.

I do have a deep sense of knowing. I have always had a knowledge and belief that I was an educator, an entertainer, an advisor and a coach to millions of people. I want people to thrive, flourish and discover how amazing they are.  I especially love guiding women to discover their magic, power, richness and the flourishing flow of greatness. I love the stage, I love the one-on-one, I love seeing their successes and the faces of knowing “I got this”. I love seeing my people reaching their rewards and next level.

Like a stream of sparkling, clear water I am clear and knowing my flow.  I wasn’t always clear and focused as I am now… yet I have always known. When I listened to me, I knew. Live and teach “Be Powerful! Be You. Have influence, impact and inspire others. Lead in a diverse world.”

What do you know? What do you believe or think about who you are and why you are here?  Sometimes it starts as a guess, a hope, or a dream. Over time it never let’s you go. You realize that you just know.  Over time you get to choose, nurture the knowing or block the knowing.

Wise people allow the knowing to flow. Be wise, and flow.

Know who you are, own who you are, share who you are.  Be powerful, be you.


Posted in Inspiration, Motivation, Self Development on November 26, 2018 by Pegine.

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