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Want to Engage Your People? Be a Community Organizer

Engage your people. It is critical in this day and age of high technology.

What started as a group of twenty people who I invited to my hotel room during a conference, has grown to 760+ members and active participants. They connect on our Facebook group, and at a boutique conference within our national conference. Two weeks ago we surveyed our group and found the ROI. WOW! 52% of participants stated that they stay with the organization because of the group, without the group they would have left.

I am a community organizer and you have to become one too! Retention, recruitment, and engagement depend on your skills. Building small community groups among the larger group requires you wear a community organizer hat. I’m a professional speaker on leadership, diversity, and business and am grateful that I’m also a Master In Social Work in Organizational, Group and Community Organizing.

Here are some key points to engage your people and engage your smaller groups that are forming organically:

(1) You have to be listening to the pain, which is often shared in secret.

It is happening in your organization. You have to look and find it. This is a key connector and a key isolating point within organizations and associations.

(2) You have to be strong and watch for bullies, braggarts and the lurkers.

If you don’t reach out, engage and curtail the behavior members will leave. Let people go if they want to go. Learn why and trust that they will come back in the future when they need the group.

(3) Your engagement must be ongoing, throughout the year.

Don’t overwhelm members with lots of activities but have a coordinated process. Themes for each day. Days to cheer, days to ask for help.

(4)  Share your truth.

A key point and one of the most missed opportunities is that as the leader, you will have to post vulnerable, truths or have leaders assigned to tell their truth. It is really important to the community.

(5) Cheer people on.

Reframing their efforts and actions with the goal of showing them how they succeeded and not failed it critical for engagement Applauding their wins.  Noticing what they did outside of the group and highlighting their achievements within the group is REALLY POWERFUL.  Looking and keeping yourself aware of wins, successes, and wisdom than acknowledging those wins is a key part of being a community organizer.

(6)  Post questions and seek advice.

Ask for advice and insights about every aspect of business and your growth.  Don’t always be the giver of advice, step back and ask. It is sometimes more powerful as an engagement tool than anything else you can do.  They hold you up on a pedestal and think you know it all. You and I know that is not the truth.  You will be perceived as courageous and thoughtful. It works.

(7) The founder of the group has insight you don’t have.

If the group was started by others. Respect them and ask for advice, insight, and wisdom.  Critical that you ask to be invited. Ask questions. You might have answers and strategies but you will disrespect the leadership by not listening to them. They know the group and needs way better then you. You might have structure, systems and support but you first have to listen.  Do not anger the tribe with your desire to step in an help when the tribe was created because, honestly, you didn’t listen in the first place. Own that and listen.


Happy to be of service, if you are looking to create groups

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Pegine is the author of ‘Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt,’ ‘Bragging Rights: Transform Your Team in 21 Days,’ ‘I’ve Got the Power To Lead & Think Big,’ and ’50 Success Secrets of Feisty, Focused, Fearless, Fun Female Leaders.’

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