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Women #BeAnEarthquake Shake Up The World. Be Great!

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 I believe that you are all amazing and have the ability to create earthquakes if you would only allow yourself to do five things.


“Let’s shake up the world and our lives for greatness!” @PegineMotivateU #PeginePower #BeAnEarthquake

Five steps that will shake up your world,  have you exude confidence and create earthquakes of influence.

This morning I checked Twitter and saw this

I can’t even tell you what kind of “earth quakehappens when @PegineMotivateU suddenly enters your life.

posted by Sylvie di Giusto [ @Sylvie_diGiusto ].

Sylvie is the coolest and hippest image consultant in the world.  She rocks style and is the author of #TheImageOfLeadership now available on Amazon.

Yep, I’m giddy.    I’m  grateful I embraced the five.

It is time to shake things up and be an earthquake.

Here are five ways to shake things up so you are an earthquake in your world.

1- Be bold. Have an image you stand for. Let it reflect your true self.

Live your truth. This is not your parent’s life or your spouse’s life, this is your life. Your authenticity can be expressed while adapting to your industries norms. Sylvie is a powerhouse and expresses herself through the art of clothes.
You all know me. Black, bling and leather it is all me, all the time. My style makes me happy, powerful, and 100% me!


Be bold. Have an image you stand for. Let it reflect your true self. #PeginePower Women #BeAnEarthquake

Be bold. Pegine

2- Speak Up Without Question.

State your mind, without question. That uptick at the end of a sentence discounts what you said. Own your mind, own your statement say it with conviction. Who cares what you think? YOU DO! Your thoughts are as important and as powerful and as relevant as the guy next to you.


 Speak Up Without Question. Own Your Thoughts and words. #PeginePower Women #BeAnEarthquake

3- Courageously Own Your Space

Stand firm, plant your feet, look into a person’s eyes and smile. Think “I am a magnet for the perfect people who are powerfully aligned with my mission” trust that message and exude that magnetism. It is a focused game changer.


 Courageously Own Your Space. @PegineMotivateU #PeginePower #BeAnEarthquake

4- Know What You Stand For

What are your values? Keep them close to you and honor them. Personally, once I learned the Army Values I fell in love with them and have embraced them. I did not serve. My children serve. Many of my clients are military leaders. The 7 Army Values resonate with me, they are my guide. The values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and  Personal Courage


 Know What You Stand For #PeginePower #BeAnEarthquake

5- Be Authentically YOU!

Love yourself and all your nuances enough to share them with the world. Figure out how your signals when you go off course and then get back on course. If you are feeling fear, negativity, drama, chaos, then you are living out of sync with who you really are – and if you are honest with yourself – you know it. Be expressive, be happy, be passionate, be loving, be you during every moment of your life. You want to lead powerfully? Be authentic, share your vision, live your vision and be you.


 Be Authentically YOU! #PeginePower #BeAnEarthquake

Own your truth. You are a powerful woman.  You have heard that from others about you.  You are attracted to this post because you get it.  You are someone who is willing to live her own life and be her own woman.

Maybe you are unsure about all of this.  I get it. I tried to live by others rules for a long time and rather than adapt. I conformed and wasn’t very happy about that.  I learned.

Be like water.  You will always be H2O and you will  fill every inch of the vase or bottle you are poured into.  When you choose to be an an earthquake your water vibrations will let them know “here she comes!” …. now how cool is that!


©2015 Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP
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