GM's Women's Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker - Pegine

GM’s Women’s Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

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Ken Barrett, Global Chief Diversity Officer for General Motors Company and Marina Shoemaker, Global Director of Director of Diversity – Women’s Initiatives have been bringing Women’s Leadership Keynote Speaker, Pegine, to address General Motors Women’s Leadership Conference for Women in Leadership and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to keynote GM’s Women’s conferences since 2014.

Pegine is a favorite speaker among GM women. “Pegine is a powerhouse, she bring real world strategies, techniques and tips women can use right now.” said Ken Barrett. Mr Barrett has utilized Pegine’s expertise when he was head of diversity for the US Navy and then Head of Diversity for the Department of Defense overseeing all diversity efforts among DoD employees and military personal within all branches of the military.

General Motors Company brought Women’s Leadership Keynote Speaker Pegine in to speak on the topic Women and the Power to Influence

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Ken Barrett Shares why it is important for women at General Motors Company to hear from speakers like Pegine. Why it is good for General Motors and the influence women have on GM.

Throughout the event The General Motors Company social media marketing department tweeted and took photos to share on social media about the Women’s Leadership Conference.

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Tweets About Pegine’s Program

Pegine says influence comes from being courageous, and stepping out of your comfort zone and building relationships.@PegineMotivateU

Pegine says influence doesn’t just happen, it’s created by what you do. @PegineMotivateU

Pegine says be clear on who you are, but be able to adapt. But conformity weakens your power of influence. @PegineMotivateU

Pegine’s says showing appreciation raises the energy, and strengthens the power of influence. @PegineMotivateU

Pegine says acceptance is always a gift to you, because the gift always comes with surprises. @PegineMotivateU

Influence always starts with “I”, and is predicated on what “you” believe within.@PegineMotivateU

Pegine says you need to applaud yourself and others, otherwise the energy of your influence shrinks.@PegineMotivateU

The words you use influences others, so put energy behind them to make things happen. @PegineMotivateU #womenleaders



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