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Your Super Power Always Shows Up – Believe In You

From the moment you wake up you decide who you are and what you believe about yourself.  You live with that choice on a daily basis.  The way you feel about yourself is an indicator to you if those beliefs or thoughts are true or not. The way you feel when you are thinking those thoughts tell you if you are on the right course or not.

Feeling bad, wanting to cover your head, hiding or worrying about your future are all indicators that your thoughts are not in your highest best interest, that they are not what your inner self, your inner superpower thinks of you.

Inner Child or Inner Super Power

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I hold a Masters in Social Work (MSW). I was trained about the concepts of inner child work and learned this inner child has to be cared for, nurtured, held tight and protected by you.  Therapists and doctors write about the inner child and how the traumas and hurts experienced by us as children created beliefs that hold us back from becoming mature adults.

In my years of work with people, from drug-addicted moms to corporate executives, I found that when people focus on their strengths, acknowledge their coping skills and their ability to move forward in spite of the turmoil they have experienced, they discover their superpower.

People have to be introduced to their inner superpower, not their inner child. I do believe there is an inner superpower.  People have an inner superpower, an inner self that highlights your strengths celebrates your power and joyously sees your possibilities and opportunities. I think that we have an incredible source of pure, positive energy within that pulsates and pushes us forward.

Professional training taught me that people are broken and need to be fixed.  I was taught look at the problems and at the weaknesses and to look at the traumatic experiences.

Embrace Your Super Power

Yet my professional experiences with thousands of people and through my own inner guidance, I discovered that to experience extreme success with my clients and audiences people must embrace their superpower.  People must know that they have an inner superpower that gives them the ability to be whole, to be strong and to overcome any challenges. They must learn, appreciate, acknowledge and accept their power and that it exists for their magnificent good.

In my work over the years counseling, coaching and speaking to thousands and thousands of people I am convinced that the inner superpower is in all of us.  I’ve done a lot of work in many sectors on leadership, professional and personal development, as well as diversity. I’ve lead social services organizations, sales organizations, training organizations, and manufacturing companies. I’ve worked with some of the poorest people and some of the richest.  I’ve worked with civilians and with our military, including those who have been deployed multiple times.

I am convinced that our inner superpower is in all of us.  However, our superpower must be nurtured:

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Take Action

We all have an inner superpower. Our job is to nurture that power and the only way to do that is by:

  1. Affirming daily that you are strong, powerful, lovable, capable, worthy and valuable.
  2. Invest in and study books, videos and supporters. Work with coaches who are positive, powerfully passionate about your joy, life, and power.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone and trust in your inner superpower. Your superpower propels you to opportunities, wisdom and clarity for your future and your today. Know that you have a superpower.
  4. Meditate daily and connect with your inner superpower. This is one of the most significant action steps you can take.
  5. Your superpower is personal. It is yours and doesn’t belong to anyone else but you. Your superpower is all about you, not part of any group or sect it is your personal superpower. Spend quiet time experiencing and knowing your superpower.
  6. Believe that your inner superpower exists.  When you are experiencing joy, passion, happiness and clarity – your inner superpower is showing up. When you find yourself enthusiastic, exuding confidence, calmly knowing what is happening and about to happen – your inner superpower is showing up.

Share how you discovered your superpower. Share your thoughts. Share your cape.


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