Pegine- Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Business and Motivation
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Pegine's clients include Harley Davidson, State Farm, Intel, NASA and Chase.
Motivational Business Speaker

Motivational Business Speaker

Become a Feisty, Fearless, Focused, Fun Leader.

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Leadership Coach for Women

Coaching & Role Playing

Communicate your value and promote yourself as a leader.

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Leadership Development Author

Leadership Development Resources

Tools to motivate your team to be more productive, energized, & committed.

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Sometimes You Need to...

Kick Your Own Butt

It's time to kick butt. Each chapter features four easy to read segments designed to help you do just that.
Incremental, step by step techniques that take you a little further to being the person you were meant to be.

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I Want to Kick Butt

Women's Leadership Course

Power, Presence, Process and Prosperity. Learn the skills so you are confident,
prosperous, powerful, strong and positive. Communicate your value, and
promote yourself as a leader.
It is time for you to build a confident leader mindset!

Let's Do It!

Bragging Rights

A must read for managers. This book outlines key principles essential to the success of teams, organizations, and companies If you yearn to grow and become a great leader... this book is for you.

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