3 Ways Great Leaders Make Things Happen

3 Ways Great Leaders Make Things Happen

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Great Leaders Make Things Happen Through Their Vision, Energy, and Vibration.

Great leaders master the art of making things happen. Leaders know that results happen when they have:

  1. A vision that you, the leader, want to experience
  2. The ability to create energy around that vision
  3. Exude the vibrations of success around the vision. They exude confidence, clarity, and calmness.

You make the vision of what you want to have happened through three activities.



You spend quiet time asking yourself in 5 years, 5 months or even 5 weeks what do you want to experience and feel. That is why we go after anything we want to feel a sweet sense of satisfaction. In order to know that you have to think. Really think about what you want. You have to use your imagination, you have to see it. It begins with your thought.



To create the energy around the vision you have to believe that this is your vision and this is what you will accept for yourself. You really have to believe that if you thought this, you create this it is to be. That is why it is critical that you really think through what you want. As the thinker, the creator you have to now create the energy to believe in you. How do you do that? Through detailed affirmations about you. Beliefs are really thoughts you repeat over and over. That requires focus and discipline. You have to have the focused discipline to focus on your vision, and spending time embracing the idea of inspired action. You know the vision is your truth and when you know it inspired action occurs. Note I said inspired. It comes from within because you believe. It doesn’t come from fear. It comes and feels so right. That is inspired action. 



They have confidence, clarity, and calmness. Leaders have done the work. It is all internal. The work is based on steps one and two. Step three is communication. Leaders know that they have to communicate with.



Confidence comes from belief (step 2). Leaders know that they have the right message for the right time and believe in themselves and the vision they are creating. They know the details. Details give a person confidence. They have the details and have a clear focused vision that they are able to communicate to people in an instant. They have taken the time to know and believe.


Great leaders have clarity. They have taken the time to go within and create, believe and can communicate clearly the outcome. The how it is executed is not as important except that ‘the how’ must be in line with their values. The focus for leaders is the outcome. When they communicate clearly the right people, the right processes, the right situations fall into place. They know that they must continually communicate with clarity and focus.


Great leaders communicate with calmness. The calmness comes from knowing. They know the end result. They have extreme clarity because they have spent the time in quiet thinking, visualizing and building belief. It is easy to exude calmness when you have invested the time and effort to think well, think hard and have future focus. Hurry and rush are not necessary, great leaders have calmness because they know it is to be for them. They are confident and clear that everything always works out for the best and in their favor.

Be a great leader and master the art of making things happen.


  1. A vision that you, the leader, want to experience
  2. The ability to create energy around that vision
  3. Confidence, clarity, and calmness. Exude the vibrations of success around the vision.



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