The art to being happy

Want to be happy?  Courageously take action. Most people don't want to. It is easy to complain and point fingers.  Lol when you point at someone else there are always 3 fingers pointing back at you.

To be happy, really happy there are key steps to take

1. Fall in love with yourself fully and completely.

There are lots of daily process and tools to do that

2. Have faith in yourself and your future.
Learning to believe that everything works out for me and that you are highly favored. Is again, daily processes that take time.

3. Accept, acknowledge, appreciate, and applaud. Each and everyday.

Accept yourself and others
Acknowledge what works in your life and doesn't.
Appreciate what you have and who you are
Applaud yourself and others.

4. Let it go. Let them go.

Let go of the people, places, situations, and beliefs that hold you back and that strangle your joy, happiness, and self love.

Release them, get them out of your life. There are lots of internal gunk you have to be willing to let go of.

5. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

Anger festers in you like poison. Forgive them (you don't have to keep them in your life). You are carrying the baggage, and they don't care. So forgive them. And move on.

Forgive yourself. Perfection is a myth. We fall down, and we pick ourselves up. It just is.

6. Take responsibility for everything in your life.

You created it, you are creating it. Change, take responsibility, and take the daily actions to be your best self. Stop whining and complaining, and being unhappy. Take charge of your mind and your daily actions.

Want to be happy? Courageously take action

This from a former gang member, sister of a junkie, daughter of an alcoholic, raped as a teen, faced gun shots and lots of moments of fear.

Changed my life completely around. I'm happy, successful, joyous and thrilled to be alive.

Pegine Echevarria

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